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March 17, 2018

Ammo Fight League 4 LIVE UPDATES 3/17/2018

“The review”
by Todd Selva

Jacob srtohman vs Jose Hercules
Jacob secures the early takedown and controls the fight with gnp for the ref stoppage

Johnathan colon vs demetrius Plaza
Demetrius plaza via armbar

CaseyNorton vs Broderick Matticks
Winner by decision casey norton

Joao Da silva vs Jordan Butler
Jordan comes in swinging and connects. He finishes the fight on the ground with hooks.

Jeremy woolfolk vs John Jon Gruber
Winner by decision is Jeremy woolfolk

Steven Romano vs Shawn Rego
Winner in round 2 is  shawn rego tko

Jason Franciso vs Jon Gruber
Winner by decision is Jason franciso

Sam Ayers bs Brando Rose
Winner by decision is Sam Ayers

David Durao vs Matt Franco
Winner by decision is David Durao

Elias Morales vs Angelo Richardson

Angelo Richardson wins rd 3 rnc

Jon Manly vs Ryan Sanders

Winner by decision is Jon Manly