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March 10, 2018


Premier FC 25

[pictures added]

After a little bit we quickly found our spot by the cage.  Someone stole our press badges! Imposters! LOL. was there supporting local mma and hard rock so we made sure we went there to say Hi and scored some tickets to Steel Panther and entered the contest for Stone Temple Pilots!  A few other vendors but one I would like to mention who has been there since the beginning of PFC is GetPunched! All fights are intact and there are a total of 12 fights tonight.  The refs are Bryan Minor and John English.  I have no voice but no worries, you won't miss a thing.  Please follow along as I keep you all up to date.

180 AM Anthony Benevides 1-0 (Ultimate MMA) vs. Nick Fernandez 0-0 (Battlecrew)

Anthony throws a jab and they clinch up.  Anthony scoops him up and slams him with all his might.  He lands in full mount and is dropping heavy hands.  Nick gives up his back and Anthony tries for a triangle.  Nick fights it and gets out and they are back to their feet.  Anthony gets another takedown and is in full mount again.  He is trying once again for the finish with hammerfists.  Anthony has the back and is looking for the rear naked choke but runs out of time.

Benevides 10-9

Rd 2:  Nick gets in a leg kick and slips to the mat.  Anthony dives in and has the side.  After 30 seconds or so he passes to full mount.  Nick bucks him off and Anthony takes full mount again.  He is working the ground and pound.  Nick does a good job at defending enough to not get the stoppage once again.

Benevides 10-9

Rd 3: Nick gets in an outside kick to start off round 3.  They clinch up and Anthony takes him down and lands right in full mount.  Anthony is trying to posture up but Nick gets some space and bucks him off.  They scramble and Anthony is back on top but this time in the guard.  Anthony gets kicked off and he goes back into guard as the round ends.

Benevides 10-9

Anthony Benevides defeats Nick Fernandez via unanimous decision.

155 AM Austin Schalla 2-9-(Dexter MMA) vs. Chris Almestica 1-1 (Team Link)

Austin misses with a punch and Chris takes him down.  Austin stands up and Chris rips him back down to the mat.  They are up against the cage and Chris takes his back and flattens him out.  He gets the tap.

Chris Almestica defeats Austin Schalla via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:20 in Round 1.

130 AM Kevin Braga 0-0 (SSSF) vs. Blaze Robinson 0-2 (Team Ravenous)

Kevin presses Blaze up against the cage and slams him to the mat.  Kevin is in half guard and getting in an occasional punches.  He gets some space and gets in a hammerfist.  Kevin is now standing.  Blaze stands up and gets the takedown and is now in guard.  Blaze passes to half guard right before the round ends.

Braga 10-9

Rd 2:   They both come out swinging.  Blaze is pressing Kevin up against the cage.  Blaze trips Kevin and gets him to the mat.  Blaze is twisted trying to get his right leg free.  He gets it free and is now in the guard.  Blaze gets in some punches and Kevin is trying to threaten with the triangle as the round ends.

Robinson 10-9

Rd 3:  Both fighters throw kicks.  Blaze gets in a good combo of punches.  Blaze has Kevin up against the cage and gets in two knees to the stomach.  Kevin reverses and takes Blaze down.  Kevin is in half guard.  Not much action and ref stands them up.  Blaze gets in a combo and gets the takedown as the round ends.

Robinson 10-9

Kevin Braga defeats Blaze Robinson via unanimous decision.

155 AM Billy Goff 1-1 (Dexter MMA) vs. Harrison Adamo 2-1 (Ultimate MMA)

They clinch and Billy gets the takedown.   Harrison pushes him back to guard from half guard.  Billy is staying active and punching the side.  Billy passes to full mount and is there until the round ends.

Goff 10-9

Rd 2:  Billy gets in an overhand right and is looking for the double leg.  He gets it but is caught in a guillotine.  Billy gets his head free eventually and moves to full mount.  He is looking to posture up to drop bombs and he does for the stoppage.

Billy Goff defeats Harrison Adamo via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:28 in Rd 2.

185 AM Jideofor Ojukwu 1-0 (SSSF) vs. Yu Ji 1-0 (Radical)

They rush in and Yu is pressing Jideofor up against the cage.  Jideofor reverses and not much action so ref breaks them up.  Now they are swinging hard and we got a fight!  Yu presses Jideo up against the cage and gets in a knee to the upper thigh.  He almost has a takedown but Jideofor defends it nicely.  Jideofor reverses and is pressing Yu up against the cage as the round ends.

Ojukwu 10-9

Rd 2:  They come out guns blazing and Yu connects with 3 rights that connect cleanly.  Jideofor is down to one knee and ref stops the fight.  I would have liked to see it go a little longer but this fight is in the books.

Yu Ji defeats Jideofor Ojukwu via tko to strikes at 29 seconds in Round 2.

145 AM Justin Kristie  2-2 (Ultimate MMA) vs.  Kenny Champion 2-3 (Golden Falcon)

Kenny starts us off with an outside leg kick.  They clinch and Kenny backs Justin up against the cage.  A bunch of reverses and then they break.  Justin gets in a good jab.  Kenny with an inside kick to keep Justin honest.  Kenny grabs Justin around the chest and they are both exchanging knees.  Justin tries for the takedown with a trip but to no avail.  He gets the double leg as the round ends.

Real close round,  Kristie 10-9

Rd 2:  Kenny connects with a kick to the head that drops Justin.  Kenny dives in and is trying for the finish.  Justin is trying for a triangle but can't get it.  Kenny has the side briefly and gets pushed back to half guard.  Kenny gets in 3 hammerfists as the round ends.

Champion 10-9

Rd 3:  Justin gets in a punch to the body.  He ducks under a punch and grabs the back.  He rips him to the mat and moves to full mount.  He has the legs hooked and Kenny turns him and is now on top in guard.  Justin turns him and Kenny is now north south.  He stands up and jumps into half guard.  Justin goes for an armbar as the round ends.

Kristie 10-9

Kenny Champion defeats Justin Kristie via unanimous decision.

165 AM Jason Showers  2-6 (Xtreme Ambition) vs.  Aaron Reverdes 1-1 (Juniko)

Jason gets in a left punch.  Jason gets in another combo.  Jason gets in another solid right and Aaron gets in two knees to the upper chest.  They are both swinging away and Aaron connects with a punch that drops Jason.  He gets in a few more shots and they stop the fight.

Aaron Reverdes defeats Jason Showers via tko stoppage to strikes at 53 seconds in Round 1.  I predicted this would be a stand up war and both fighters delivered!!

155 PRO Alex Ortiz  0-0 (Golden Falcon) vs.  Keenan Raymond 3-5  (Ricardo Calvacanti)

Apparently this fight was scratched due to something on Keenan Raymond's end.

185 PRO Jesus Cintron 0-0 vs. Reginaldo Felix 2-2 (Team Link)

Jesus connects with a punch and looks for the takedown.  Felix ends up with the takedown and moves right to full mount.  He is dropping bombs and gets the stoppage.

Reginaldo Felix defeats Jesus Cintron via tko stoppage to strikes at 59 seconds in Rd 1.

170 PRO Rodolfo Barcellos 0-0 (Xtreme Ambition) vs. Myles Reid 0-2

Myles connects with a punch that drops Rodolfo.  He goes in and Rodolfo grabs a hold of the leg and Myles slips his foot free and lets him up.  Rodolfo connects with an outside leg kick.  Myles catches the leg kick and punches Rodolfo to the mat.  Rodolfo grabs the leg again and Myles backs off.  Myles connects again and Rodolfo grabs a hold of the leg and gets the heel for the tap.

Rodolfo Barcellos defeats Myles Reid via tapout to heel hook at 1:52 in Round 1.

120 PRO Lisa Blaine 2-0 (Ultimate MMA)  vs.  Destiny Quinones 0-0 (Kai's Next Level MMA) 

Destiny clinches and Lisa reverses it.  Destiny reverses and gets Lisa to the ground.  She is in half guard trying to get Lisa's back to the mat.  Destiny moves to the side and then to the north south.  Destiny is working the side and gets in a few short elbows.  She moves to full mount and grabs the arm.  She is trying hard for the finish but the bell sounds.

Quinones 10-9

Rd 2:  Lisa connects with a right and Destiny gets the takedown.  Destiny is looking for the kimura but can't get it and moves to north south.  Destiny moves to full mount and is trying to flatten her out.  Lisa is defending from the bottom well.  They are both back to their feet and Destiny is pressing her up against the cage.  Lisa gets in a knee to the stomatch as the round ends.

Quinones 10-9

Rd 3:  Destiny connects with an inside leg kick.  Lisa gets in a combo.  Destiny ducks under a spinning back fist and is looking for the single leg.  She can't get it and Lisa is dropping elbows from the top.  They break briefly and both swing.  Destiny drops down for the double leg but can't get it.

Close round Quinones 10-9

Destiny Quinones defeats Lisa Blaine via unanimous decision.

135 PRO Jessica Borga 0-0 (Champions) vs.  Sarah Payant 2-4 (Gladiator BJJ)

Sarah connects with a right and they clinch.  Sarah is looking for the takedown but can't get it.  Jessica reverses and Sarah flips it back.  Sarah hip tosses Jessica and is on top.  Jessica grabs the arm and is trying for the armbar.  Sarah defends it and gets in a hammerfist.  Jessica is trying for another armbar and Sarah defends.  She gets in two heavy hammerfists and the crowd is going nuts.  Sarah gets in another punch.  Bell sounds and Jessica stands up and they are going at it as the bell sounds.

Payant 10-9

Rd 2:  Sarah rushes in with two punches.  Jessica gets the takedown and is on top.  Jessica is in half guard and moves to the side.  Sarah pushes her off and is now on top dropping elbows.  She moves to full mount and is dropping heavy hammerfists.  She gets the ref stoppage and Jessica protests.

Sarah Payant defeats Jessica Borga via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:33 in Rd 2.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Payant vs. Borga
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Aaron Reverdes!
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Barcellos and not giving up on getting that heel hook

Premier FC had another great night of fights.  The show was sold out and the crowd was loud especially in the main event.  My hearing is still coming back from after it LOL!  Premier FC announced that their next show will be in June and that Joe Reverdes and Aaron Reverdes would be back on the card together father and son!  Also another highlight of the night at least for the ladies was during the female bouts they had a ringboy!!  Well thanks for reading this and I hope you all enjoyed it!  Please share and show us some love!