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June 15, 2018

CES MMA 50 Sweetbread vs. Afro Monkey Live Play by Play

CES MMA 50: Sweetbread vs. Ewell Play By Play
Travis Lizotte

  We have arrived here at Twin River Casino and fighters are already arriving for tonight's CES 50. After getting the book thrown at us by the security to bring our equipment in the door we have finally settled in and are awaiting the start of the undercard that should kick off around 7 pm eastern time. Fighters and Fans please share this article on all forms of social media as it will update live throughout the night as the action unfolds here at CES 50.
Yorgan DeCastro (1-0) v. David White (0-2)

Yorgan DeCastro
Affiliation: Regiment Training Center  
Record: 1-0 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: First round Knockout of James Dysard at CES 47: Rebello v. Brown.
David “Barbarossa” White
Affiliation: Tactical Combat Academy  
Record: 0-2 (Been finished in the second round of both professional contests)
Last fight: Second round Submission (Choke) loss to Allen Bose at XCC 30.
Round 1: White comes out jabbing and Yorgan throws a high kick. Yorgan jabs and uneashes some overhand right hand make it through. White catches a kick to the body and dumps Yorgan to the mat where he uses side control and tries to mount. Yorgan looks to regain his feet as White takes Yorgan's back. Yorgan explodes and turns position and is on top. Yorgan backs off and looks to strike the downed White from a standing position. Yorgan is all over White landing vicious elbows on the ground. White makes it back to his feet but Yorgan presses him to the cage before they break. White takes Yorgan down as the ten second warning sounds. 10-9 DeCastro.

Round 2: Yorgan starts round 2 with a front kick that lands followed by punches that sit White down on the canvas. Yorgan jumps on top and tried to create distance where he lands some hammer fists. Yorgan is working from half guard as White tries to pull him in close to avoid damage. Yorgan breaks wrist control and lands a couple more fists and elbows. Ref Kevin MacDonald is getting a close look as DeCastro does come damage from the top. White is trying to employ some sort of submission game from the bottom before Yorgan returns to guard and continues to apply pressure. Yorgan lands some body shots as the round ends. 10-9 DeCastro.

Round 3: Fighters touch gloves as they come out for round three and Yorgan continues to stalk White. White attempts a takedown but the fence saves DeCastro for a moment before White finally putts Yorgan's base and they go to the ground with White on top now. Again Yorgan explodes and gains top control and starts raining down bombs, Kevin MacDonald takes a closer look at the damage as Yorgan lands more hammer fists and MacDonald stops the fight.

Decision: Yorgan DeCastro defeats David White at 2:20 of the Third round via TKO Ground and Pound.

Hilarie Rose (0-1) v. Thais Sousa (0-2)
Hilarie Rose
Affiliation: United States Mixed Martial Arts
Record: 0-1 (5-3 as Amateur)
Last fight: Third Round TKO loss to Linsey Williams at CES 48: Rebello v. Wiuff.
Thais Sousa
Affiliation: American Top Team  
Record: 0-2 (2 Decision Losses)  
Last fight: Decision loss to Hannah Cifers at Titan FC 47: Yusuff v. Gomez.  
Round 1: Hilarie starts out throwing kicks but Thais ties her up and puts her back to the cage where she applies some heavy pressure. Hilarie uses foot stomps to turn the action but Sousa rolls out and lands some shots on the break. They clinch again immediately and Sousa lands some nice short elbows before Rose turns her again and roll Sousa to the mat for a take down. Hilarie breaks half guard and takes the guillotine where she sits back and sinks the submission in deep for the tap.

Decision: Hilarie Rose submits Thais Sousa at 2:16 of round one via Guillotine.

Brendon Marotte (1-0) v. Arslan Otchiyev (Pro Debut)
Brandon “The Kid” Marotte
Affiliation: Professional Martial Arts Academy  
Record: 1-0 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: Second round Knockout of Jhon Costa at CES 48: Rebello v. Wiuff.
Arslan Otchiyev
Affiliation: Renzo Gracie Connecticut  
Record: Pro Debut (4-4-1 as Amateur)
Last fight: Decision loss to Swagath Pillai at AMMO Fight League 2 : Dawn of War.
Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and here we go. Marotte is walking Arslan down and he lands a body kick and some brilliant combinations that back Arslan up. Arslan gets in a leg kick of his own and as Brandon looks to land more bombs but gets caught with some strikes from Arslan and Marotte clinches up. Marrotte breaks and starts unloading strikes on Arslan as he covers up and looks for a way out. Arslan clinched up and puts Brandon on the cage where Arslan applies some pressure before Marotte is able to turn the action. Marotte backs out and throws an overhand right and Marotte tees off landing first to the head then to the body and delivering a knee for good measure that crumbles Arslan in the corner. Brandon follows up with heavy hands to get the stoppage from Ref Bryan Miner.

Decision: Brandon Marotte defeats Arslan Otchiyev by TKO stoppage at 4:47 of the first round.

Toby Oden (2-2) v. Jeremy Puglia (Pro Debut)
Toby "TNT" Oden
Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA
Record: 2-2 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)
Last fight: Decision loss to Paul Sims at CES 44: Bessette v. Trujillo.
Jeremy Puglia
Affiliation: Vamos BJJ  
Record: Pro Debut (7-1 as Amateur)
Last fight: First round Knockout of Marcus Chin at Triton Fights 6. (Middleweight Title Defense)
Round 1: Puglia comes out and puts Toby against the the cage, Toby turns the action and get in a knee before Puglia turns Toby's back to the cage once again. Puglia is making the pressure work in his favor now as these two guys separate and Puglia lands some bombs before Oden clinches again and they go back to the cage. They break again and return to the center of the cage where Oden lands a kick and Jeremy again goes for the takedown and they end up on the fence again. Toby ends up pulling the hips out from from under Puglia and gets the takedown before the final bell. Close round 10-9 Puglia.
Round 2: Toby uses a jab and level change to put Puglia on the fence again where Toby gets in a few knees. They remain on the cage until Ref Kevin MacDonald breaks them up and they reset in the center. They don's stay in the center long as the clinch carries them back to the fince were both fighters experiance time with their back to the cage. They split again but Puglia goes for another takedown. MacDonald splits them up again and Toby lands some huge Thai knees before the round ends. 10-9 Oden
Round 3: Oden opens up round three in the center of the cage walking Puglia down. Toby lands some nice upper leg kicks before he clinches and puts Puglia on the fence. Fighters break and Oden is cut under the right eye and on cue Puglia starts to land to the face of Oden. Oden doesn't like that and changes levels for a double leg takedown that he lands clean. Toby is in top position and gets some space to land some big shots. Puglia is still working short strikes from the bottom but Oden is in control. Toby ends the round on top landing some shots before the final horn sounds. 10-9 Oden.

Decision: Toby Oden defeats Jeremy Puglia via Unanimous Decision ( 29x28, 29x28, 30-27)

Fabio Cherant (1-0) v. Letay Allen (1-1)
Fabio “The Water Buffalo” Cherant
Affiliation: Sityodtong Boston / Juniko
Record: 1-0 (1 Submission)
Last fight: First round (13 second) Submission (Choke) of James Dysard at CES 48: Rebello v. Wiuff.
Marquis “Letay” Allen
Affiliation: Wreckroom Athletics  
Record: 1-1 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: Decision loss to Aaron Bush at It Fight Series 79.
Round 1: Here we go to kick off the AXS tv main Card. Bryan Miner is our Ref. Allen is not rushing to get close to Cherant as Fabio appears the much bigger fighter in this fight. Allen lands first with a leg kick as he backs Cherant down. Fabio lands some low leg kicks of his own and they clinch and Allen has Fabio against the cage. Fabio turns Allen as they go back and forth on the fence looking for the upper hand. Fabio reaches over the top with his back against the fence and grabs a guillotine around the neck of Allen. Fabio pulls guard and they go to the ground and Allen is tapping.
Decision: Fabio Cherant defeats Letay Allen at 3:55 of the first round via Guillotine Choke.

John Douma (3-0) v. Adam Acquaviva (5-3)
John Douma
Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA  
Record: 3-0 (2 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Last fight: Second round Knockout of Zachary Burhans at CES 49: Curtis v Norwood.
Adam Acquaviva
Affiliation: Syndicate MMA  
Record: 5-3 (1 Knockout, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Submission loss to Josh Huber at SCL: AVM 8.
Round 1: Adam starts the action with as low kick and Douma answers with a right hand and we are off. Fighters are trading kicks and punches as both fighters are finding homes for their strikes. Douma lands an overhand right and then Adam answers with a clean combination. Aquaviva tries a cartwheel kick and Douma catches it and takes him down. Douma ends up on his back but he has the guilltine. Aquaviva escapes and takes Douma down where he briefly moves to mount when the back and looks for the rear naked choke as the round ends. 10-9 Aquaviva.
Round 2: Aquaviva lands first in round 2 as both guys are showing respect for one another. Aquaviva is looking to land an overhand elbow as he backs Douma down. Douma starts to land now as he is now backing Aquavina down, Adam clinches and uses a trip to get Douma to the ground. Douma grabs a guillotine and uses it to get top control but Aquaviva sweeps out and is now back on top. The Rounds ends with Aquaviva on Douma's back looking for a finish. 10-9 Aquaviva.
Round 3: Both fighters are looking to land combinations early in the third as Douma looks like he knows he needs a finish, Adam shoots for the takedown and Douma looks to sink in the choke. Adam escapes the choke but Douma is still on top as Douma looks to sink in another guillotine but Aquaviva uses it it end up on top where he land some short elbows. One of the short elbows opens up Douma wide and he starts bleeding, Kevin MacDonald has seen enough and calls a stop to the fight.
Decision: Adam Aquaviva defeats John Douma by TKO Ref Stoppage at 2:47 of the third round.

Kris Moutinho (4-2) v. Al Jones (3-3)
Kris “The Soul Snatcher” Moutinho
Affiliation: BST MMA
Record: 4-2 (1 Knockout)
Last fight: First round Submission loss to David Garcia at CES 47: Rebello v. Brown.
Al Jones
Affiliation: Long Island MMA  
Record: 3-3 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision victory over Quentin Gaskins at CES NY 1.
Round 1: Al comes out jabbing and kicking legs as Moutinho backs him down in his Muay Thai stance. Moutinho is the first to clinch and he puts Al on the cage. Moutinho catches Jones coming in for an uppercut and connects with a right to his chin, Kris goes to the ground and Kevin MacDonald stops Jones from any further damage.
Decision: Kris Moutinho Knocks out Al Jones at 1:58 of round number one.

Reginaldo Felix (4-2) v. Pat McCrohan (3-1)
Reginaldo Felix
Affiliation: Team Link  
Record: 4-2 (3 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Last fight: First round Submission (Choke) of Tom Regal at CES NY 1.
Pat McCrohan
Affiliation: Regiment Training Center  
Record: 3-1 (2 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round knockout of Buck Pineau at CES 46: Doomsday v. Carroll.
Round 1: Pat comes out with jabs backing Felix up as he looks to establish the center of the cage. Felix throws a straight kick down the middle that just misses Pat's jaw. Reginldo is throwing some heavy kicks and Pat catches one and Takes Reginaldo down and has side control. Reginaldo creates some space and returns to the feet before Pat can mount an offensive attack. Felix gets in some heavy strikes before Pat goes for the takedown. Felix looks for a guillotine that causes Past to break pressure and for the fight to return to striking distance. Fighters remain on the feet as the round ends. Close round here 10-9 McCrohan.
Round 2: Pat starts the second with a headkick attempt that leads to kicks back and forth from both fighters. Pat lands some left hands as he continues to back down the Brazilian Felix. Reginaldo throws a low kick the McCrohan catches and he dumps Felix to the mat and hops on top. Felix is throwing elbows as he ends up in butterfly guard. Felix switches to guard but Pat postures up and Felix escapes back to his feet. Felix lands a big right hand that buckles McCrohan, Pat tries to clinch but is pushed away by Felix.Felix lands another well timed left that folds McCrohan in half and draws the stoppage from Bryan Miner.
Decision: Reginaldo Felix defeats Pat McCrohan by TKO at 4:40 of round two.

Jose Lugo (2-0) v. Michael Taylor (1-1)
Jose “El Salvage” Lugo
Affiliation: BST MMA  
Record: 2-0 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)
Last fight: Second round Knockout (Injury) of Carlos Rodriguez at CES 49 Curtis v. Norwood.
Michael “Titan” Taylor
Affiliation: Cortland MMA   
Record: 1-1 (1 Knockout)  
Last fight: First round Submission loss to Jose Lugo at CES 47: Rebello v. Brown.
Round 1: Taylor comes out throwing the jab trying to keep Lugo at distance. Taylor lands a shot that hurts Lugo and Taylor jumps on his back looking for a choke. Lugo escapes out the back door and ends up on Taylors back briefly before falling off and grabbing a front choke and adding some knees for goo measure. Fighters go back and forth with guillotine chokes as both fighters look to finish. Taylor lands some short strikes before Lugo takes him to the mat and mounts Taylor. Lugo lands some sharp elbows before taking Taylors back and looking to finish with the Rear Naked Choke as the round ends and saves Taylor. 10-9 Lugo.
Round 2: Lugo opens round 2 with a push kick followed by some upper cuts from the clinch. Taylor uses a leg kick to close distance as he puts Lugo's back to the cage, Lugo reverses however. Lugo drags Taylor to the ground where he sinks in the Rear naked Choke for the tap.
Decision: Jose Lugo defeats Michael Taylor by second round Rear Naked choke coming at 1:31 of the round.

Jon Manley (11-4) v. Jeremiah Wells (4-1-1)
Jon Manley
Affiliation: Jon Manley MMA  
Record: 11-4 (5 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous decision victory over Ryan Sanders at AMMO Fight League 4: House of Pain.
Jeremiah Wells
Affiliation: Renzo Gracie Philly  
Record: 4-1-1 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Knockout of Gary Balletto Jr. at CES 49: Curtis v. Norwood.
Round 1: Jeremiah starts the action with a side kick than lands a right hand that hurts Manley, Wells hops on top looking to finish but Manley recovers. Fighters return to the feet as Wells throws a spinning kick followed by another left that lands flush on Manley again and Wells follows looking for the finish. Manley gets back to his feet but the offense from Wells is relentless as he tags Manley again and then takes him down. Manley scrambles to Wells' back briefly but Wells ends up back on top. Wells lands some serious strikes to Manley on the way up and Manley is hurt bad. Manley falls to the canvas and gains guard as the round ends. 10-9 Wells.
Round 2: Wells refuses to touch gloves to start round number two. Manley starts with jabs as Wells looks to close distance with punches coming forward. Manley comes forward with kicks but none of them land significantly and now Wells comes forward again tagging Manley with crisp combinations. Wells lands a left followed by a spinning back fist that again rocks Manley and now Wells goes for the takedown. Manley ends up on top and lands some ground and pound. Wells returns to his feet but is taken right back down and Manley gets the back and looks to sink in the choke. Wells does a good job defending the choke but Manley maintains position until Wells sweeps and ends up on top. Manley looks to for submissions from the bottom as the round ends with Wells mounting Manley. 10-9 Manley but super close.
Round 3: Round three starts out slow with John trying to land kicks but Wells lands another right that rocks Manley and sends him to the ground. Manley ends up on top but Wells stands up and they break. Wells continues to look for home for those strikes but its Manley who lands next putting Wells against the cage for a moment where Manley changes levels looking for the take down. They break once again. Wells uses an ankle pick to get Manley back to the ground and Wells finishes the fight in top position. 10-9 Wells.
Decision: Jeremiah Wells defeats Jon Manley by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 29-28)

Dinis Paiva (11-6) v. Andre Ewell (12-4)
Bantamweight (Title)
Dinis “Sweetbread” Paiva
Affiliation: Juniko/Sityodtong Boston  
Record: 11-6 (6 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous decision victory over Kevin Barberena at CES 48: Rebello v. Wiuff.
Andre “Afro Monkey” Ewell
Affiliation: APEX MMA
Record: 12-4 (7 Knockouts, 3 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Knockout (Punch) of Trent Meaux at LFA 36: Simon v. Zani
Round 1: Ewell starts action with a jab as both men are respecting one another. Both fighters trade single strikes but no one is putting together combinations yet. Ewell is the first to land a combination but Paiva eats it and keeps coming forward. Paiva lands a left hand and Ewell returns fire with a big left that lands on Paiva's chin. Paiva catches a kick from Ewell and gets Ewell to the ground, Ewell stands but Paiva keeps him pushed against the cage. Dinis lands another takedown at the end of the round and ends the round on top. 10-9 Paiva based on the takedowns.
Round 2: Both fighters start the round with combinations, Paiva is showing great head movement early but eats a shot from Ewell before landing a return jab of his own. Ewell slips to the mat, Paiva does not follow. Andre lands a left hand that cuts Paiva's eyebrow, Ewell swings away and connects but Paiva takes him to the mat and lands in top position. Ewell tires to lock up a triangle but Paiva escapes to the top and lands some ground and pound. Dinis lands some nice elbows on the ground before Ewell gets back to his feet. Paiva lands another big double leg takedown and gets on Ewells back and looks to sink in the choke. Ewell rolls out of the choke but Paiva ends the round with Ewell mounted landing Elbows. 10-9 Paiva.
Round 3: Paiva goes for a takedown and Ewell wraps up a front choke that is tight. Dinis does all he can to release the choke but he cannot and Dinis taps to the D'arce choke.
Decision: Andre Ewell submits Dinis Paiva at :36 seconds of round three via D'arce choke to become the CES Bantamweight Title! Great Fight by both men!