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June 16, 2018


Premier FC 26

We are here live at Premier FC fights at the Sheraton in Springfield Mass.  Warchild and I found our way up the stairs and into the room where the cage was set up.  It is very much like the setup at the Chez Josef.  It might be slightly bigger, but don't quote me on that.  There are a total of 11 fights tonight with 4 of them being amateur title fights.  Following that will be the 6 pro fights in which elbows are allowed.  The refs tonight are Steve Rita and Gary Foreman.  The national anthem has been sung and the fights are about to begin.

155 AM Jason Showers 2-7 (Xtreme Ambition)  vs.  Harrison Adamo 2-2 (Ultimate MMA)

Harrison dives for the takedown and Jason defends it.  Harrison doesn't give up and is trying to scoop him to the mat.  Jason threatens with a guillotine but Harrison powers through it and now has the side.  He pulls his head out and is in full mount dropping bombs.  Jason tries to sweep but Harrison is too strong on top.  Jason gives up his back and Harrison gets the rear naked choke for the tap.

Harrison Adamo defeats Jason Showers via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:41 in Rd 1.

145 AM TITLE Omaree Alamo 0-1 (UFC Gym) vs. Randy Francis 2-4 (Strike Zone)

They clinch and Randy is trying for the single leg takedown.  He gets it and Alamo is trying for a triangle.  He readjusts it and it looks a little bit tighter but Randy keeps fighting it.  He is getting in some punches from the top as the round ends.

Rd 2:  Randy gets in a right that stuns Omaree.  He falls to the mat and Randy is trying to finish him off with a barrage of punches.  He gets the stoppage.

Randy Francis defeats Omaree Alamo via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:15 in Rd 2.

Randy Francis calls out Kenny Champion and it looks like it is going down at Premier FC 27.

170 AM TITLE Angelo Richardson 3-3 (Golden Falcon)  vs.  Demetrius Plaza 2-0 (Black Hole Jiu Jitsu)

Both fighters start out working their jabs.  Angelo is looking for the takedown and Demetrius is defending.  Not much else action.

Rd 2:  Each fighter exchanges a punch.  Demetrius connects with a solid shot and tries for the finish.  Angelo recovers and is now pressing Plaza up against the cage.  Angelo is now looking for the takedown but runs out of time.

Rd 3:  Demetrius starts the round off with an outside leg kick.  Angelo fires back with a front kick.  Demetrius with a solid right then a good kick.  Plaza with another good combo with a combination of body kick  and had punch.  Angelo gets the double leg takedown and is trying to keep Plaza to the mat as the round ends.

Rd 4:  Angelo's left eye is swelling badly.  Demetrius is looking for the single leg but can't get it.  Both fighters are exchanging knees.  Not much action as both fighters are getting tired.

Rd 5:  Angelo has the underhooks and is trying for the double leg takedown.  Angelo is trying for the single leg now and Plaza is making him pay with punches to the side of his face.  Plaza gets a burst of energy and pushes Angelo to the mat and gets in some punches as the round ends.

Demetrius Plaza defeats Angelo Richardson via unanimous decision.

205 AM TITLE Yu Ji  2-0 (Radical) vs.  Holland Ahern 1-1 (Strike Zone)

Yu Ji connects with a right that stuns Holland.  He sees an opening and gets in some more punches.  Holland falls to the mat and Yu connects with some more and knocks him out.

Yu Ji defeats Holland Ahern via ko at 27 seconds in Rd 1.

155 AM TITLE Chris Almestica  2-1 (Team Link) vs.  Billy Goff  3-1 (Dexter MMA)

They both comes out guns blazing.  Billy gets in a good punch and gets the takedown.  Chris is fine and is standing back up.  Billy gets him back to to the mat.  Chris stands back up and they are back to swinging.  Chris gets the takedown and they both are working their way up as Billy gets a takedown of his own.  They are both swinging as the round ends.

Rd 2:  Billy catches a kick and counters with a punch.  Chris is trying for the trip and Billy knocks him to the mat and is in half guard.  Billy moves to full mount and is dropping hammerfists. 
Billy is trying hard for the finish with about 100 unanswered strikes.  As the 10 second bell sounds Chris sweeps and is on top getting in punches!!

Rd 3:  Billy starts it off with a head kick.  He gets Chris to the mat and is on top in full mount.  He gets in about 50 unanswered strikes for the stoppage.

Billy Goff defeats Chris Almestica via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:48 in Rd 3.

145 PRO Jeremy Reipold  1-0 (Ravenous) vs.  Jason Rine 0-3 (Black Dragon MMA)

Jeremy works a jab.  Both fighters are throwing strikes.  Jason is going for the single leg and then switches to the double leg.  Jason gets the takedown and Jeremy threatens with a guillotine.  Jason gets out and Jason works a guillotine for the tap.

Jason Rine defeats Jeremy Reipold via tapout to guillotine at 2:35 in Rd 1.

125 PRO Hannah Goldy 2-0 (UFC Gym Winter Springs)  vs.  Lisa Blaine 2-1 (Ultimate MMA)

Both ladies are working their strikes.  Hannah gets in a kick to the body.  Lisa fired back an inside leg kick.  Both fighters are exchanging leg kicks galore for the remainder of the round.

Rd 2:  Right back we left off.  Hannah has Lisa backed into the cage with a combo.  Hannah with two more snapping leg kicks.  Lisa’s leg is all red now.  Hannah connects with a spinning back fist.

Rd 3:  Hannah keeps coming forward with punches and kicks.  Hannah is pressing Lisa up against the cage and working knees to the body.  Hannah has Lisa backed up against the cage and and they are swinging away!

Hannah Goldy defeats Lisa Blaine via unanimous decision.

155 PRO Mike Taylor 0-0 vs. Alex Ortiz 0-0 (Golden Falcon)

Mike touches gloves and then goes for the cheap shot.  Alex connects with a right that drops Mike and finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Alex Ortiz defeats Mike Taylor via ref stoppage to strikes at 29 seconds in Rd 1.

180 PRO Jesus Cintron 0-1 (Old School) vs. Pat Casey 2-0 (Team Link)

Pat scoops up Jesus and slams him to the mat.  He quickly takes his back and works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Pat Casey defeats Jesus Cintron via tapout to rear naked choke at 22 seconds in Rd 1.

105 PRO Grace Nowak 0-0 (Behring Jiu Jitsu NY)  vs.  Marisa Messer-Belenchia 0-0 (Ultimate MMA)

They clinch up against the cage and then exchange some punches.  Marisa gets in a right and then pushes Grace back up against the cage.  Marisa trips her for the takedown and and is working the side.  Marisa tries for full mount but gets pushed off.  She powers down 2 punches to the head and then gets back to the side.  She passes to full mount and works a kimura for the tap.

Marisa Messer-Belenchia defeats Grace Nowak via tapout to kimura at 4:15 in Rd 1.

205 PRO William Knight 1-0 (Thornton Martial Arts) vs.  Terrance Jean-Jacques 0-0 (Team Link NH)

Terrance gets the takedown and Will sweeps.  Will works his way up and Terrance has the leg and slams him against the fence right in front of us.  Terrance gets another takedown and Will gets back up to his feet.  Terrance has the leg but can't get it.  Will tries for a takedown and they roll.  Will tries to get Terrance's back but he can't get it.  Terrance grabs the leg again and gets the takedown.  This fight is insane and I can't keep up.  They both slip to the mat and Will gets in two elbows as the round ends.

Rd 2:  Will gets in an outside leg kick.  Terrance pushes Will across the cage.  Will trips Terrance and Terrance is keeping is head down to try to flip Will.  They are back to their feet.  Will connects with a shot that stuns Terrance.  Terrance is wobbly and Will gets in some more punches and the ref has seen enough.

William Knight defeats Terrance Jean-Jacques via tko to strikes at 2:35 in Rd 2.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Lisa Blaine and Hannah Goldy
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Marisa Messer-Belenchia kimura