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October 13, 2018


AMMO Fight League 5

Warchild and I made our nice short trip to Springfield Mass for Ammo 5.  The event is a mixed event of professional and amateur mma fights with 4 grappling matches at the beginning.  After talking to some people at the cage we found our spot at the media table.  The refs for the night are Tom and Brian Minor.  Shout out to Krystyne Curtis and Bill Idol for the lovely hospitality.  Just got word the Jon Manley fight got scrapped due to his opponent twisting his ankle pre fight warm up.  OK, the national anthem has been sung so let's have the fights begin.
AMMO Fight League 5

Grappling Nicole Shattuck vs. Kristen Gardner

Winner by rear naked choke Nicole Shattuck at 1:00.

Grappling Jason Althiser vs. Andrew Tevay


Grappling Chris Manley vs. Aaron Tevay


Grappling Gianna Danielle vs. Hendrille Costa


170 AM Manu Delerme  (Golden Falcon 1-2) vs.  Sage Philippe (Team Thunder 0-0)

Sage gets the takedown and is in half guard.  Manu bucks him off and then they are standing.  Manu grabs his back and with not much action ref breaks them up.  Manu gets in a couple of knees from the clinch right before the round ends.

Rd 2:  Sage scoops Manu up and slams him to the mat.  He has the side and escapes out.  They are back standing and Sage is looking for another takedown.  He gets it and they are in the center of the cage as the round ends.

Rd 3:  They are exchanging kicks to start the round off.  Sage gets the takedown.  Not much action and the ref stands them up.

Sage Phillipe defeats Manu Delerme via unanimous decision.

205 AM Christopher Samboy  (Underdog MMA 0-0) vs.  Joe Lexus (Team Thunder 0-1)

Chris gets the takedown and is firing shots to the head while Joe is trying to stand back up.  Chris gets him back to the mat and is in half guard.  He is getting in some ground and pound.  Joe is working his way back up as the round ends.

Samboy 10-9

Rd 2:  They clinch up against the cage and Chris gets the takedown.  Chris postures up and is dropping bombs trying for the stoppage.  Joe Lexus hangs in there and survives the round.

Samboy 10-9

Rd 3:  Chris gets in a right and clinches.  Chris gets the takedown and is trying to get his arm free to drop some bombs.  He gets in some heavy shots as the round ends.

Christopher Samboy defeats Joe Lexus via unanimous decision.

170 AM Jonathon Colon (0-1 Plus One Defense vs.  Eddy George (FAA CT 1-2)

These guys are standing and banging.  Eddy is connecting with some good shots.  Eddy backs Jonathon up against the cage and is connecting with some heavy shots.

Eddy George defeats Jonathon Colon via tko stoppage to strikes in Round 1.

145 AM TITLE Randy Francis (3-4 Strike Zone)  vs.  Aaron Hughes (3-4 Regiment)

Randy rushes in and is pressing Aaron up against the cage.  They break and Aaron gets in a right.  Randy closes the gap and is pressing Aaron up against the cage.  Randy is kneeing Aaron's leg.  They break and are swinging away as the round ends.

Francis 10-9

Rd 2:  They both come out swinging.  They are clinching now and exchanging knees.  Randy pushes Aaron to another side of the cage.  Aaron gets in 2 good knees to the body.  

Francis 10-9

Rd 3:  They clinch and Aaron trips him and gets Randy to the mat.  Randy reverses and is now standing up dropping down bombs as the round ends.

Real close round Francis 10-9

Randy Francis defeats Aaron Hughes by unanimous decision.

125 AM TITLE David Durao (1-1 Underdog BJJ) vs.  Mitch Raposo (5-0 Regiment)

Mitch catches a leg kick and takes David down.  Mitch controls the rest of the round on top.

Raposo 10-9

Rd 2:  Mitch gets in a high kick.  Both fighters are being cautious.  Mitch dives and gets the takedown.

Raposo 10-9

Rd 3:  Mitch gets the takedown and is in half guard.  He controls the rest of the round.

Raposo 10-9

Rd 4:  Mitch connects with a head kick but David seemed to have recovered.  Mitch gets the takedown and is on top.  He is getting in a few punches from the top.

Raposo 10-9

Rd 5:  Mitch gets the takedown and controls the round.

Raposo 10-9

Mitch Raposo defeats David Durao via unanimous decision.

205 PRO Josh Mellen (2-12 Team Juggernaut  ) vs.  Carlton Little  (6-6 Fortis MMA)

Josh connects with the first kick.  Josh throws another kick and slips to the mat.  Carlton is in half guard.  Not much action for the rest of the round.

Little 10-9

Rd 2:  Carlton gets in 2 leg kicks.  Josh fires back with some heavy hands.  Carlton fires gets in some more heavy shots including one uppercut that drops him.

Carlton Little defeats Josh Mellen via ko in Rd 1.

155 PRO David Espino (1-2 Trifecta) vs.  Bradley Sustad (1-7 Cortland Elite MMA)

Bradley dives in and slams him to the mat.  David has a guillotine and Bradley goes out and gets the stoppage.

David Espino defeats Bradley Sustad via tko to guillotine at 21 seconds in Rd 1.

160 PRO Saul Almeida (19-10 Wai Kru)  vs.  Stacey Anderson (CTFC 0-5)

Saul gets Stacey to the mat briefly but Stacey stands back up.  Saul hops on his back and is trying to get his arm under Stacey's neck.  Stacey falls to the mat and Saul still has his back.  Saul is getting in punches and bunches and trying hard for the stoppage.

Almeida 10-9

Rd 2:  Saul dives for a takedown and gets Stacey to the mat.  Stacey gets back to his feet and Saul is going for a double leg takedown.  Saul has his back and Stacey slides him off.  They scramble and Saul gets him to the mat again.  He is working some punches to the head.  Saul has his back as the round ends.

Almeida 10-9

Rd 3:  Saul takes him down and is trying to flatten him out.  Saul has his back and is trying for the finish.  He gets the finish.

Saul Almeida defeats Stacey Anderson via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:51 in Rd 3.

145 PRO Erick Rodriguez (3-1 Team Link) vs.  Darius Estell (3-1 Michigan Top Team)

Erick connects with a loud snapping kick to the body.  Erick presses Darius up against the cage and gets him to the mat.  Erick gets pushed off and before he can do anything Darius is back to his feet.  Erick gets him to the mat again and controls until the end of the round.

Rodriguez 10-9

Rd 2:  Darius comes out guns blazing and drops Erick.  He moves to full mount and is trying to get room for some hammerfists.  Erick bucks him off but Darius grabs his back.  Erick fights it and turns into him and is on top.  He gets bucked off and they are back to their feet.  Darius gets in a combo that drops Erick.  He is trying for the finish but can't get it.

Estell 10-9

Rd 3:  Darius catches a kick and fires off a right that sends Erick to the mat.  Erick gets back to his feet and they scramble.  Erick goes for a takedown and Darius catches him in a guillotine and gets the tap.

Darius Estell defeats Erick Rodriguez tapout via guillotine at 2:03 in Rd 3.

160 PRO Rodrigo Almeida  (13-4 Sityodtong) vs.  Seth Basler (Team Seth MMA 3-9)

Rodrigo gets the takedown and is in half guard.  Rodrigo has the side and then takes the back.  He works the rear naked choke for the tap.

Rodrigo Almeida defeats Seth Basler via tapout to rear naked choke at 3:25 in Rd 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Erick Rodriguez and Darius Estell
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Rodrigo Almeida  rear naked choke
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Carlton Little over Josh Mellen