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October 12, 2018

Bellator 207: Mitrione v. Bader Live Play-by-Play

Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinals

Travis Lizotte

Kastriot “Slaughterhouse” Xhema (2-1) v. Pat “The Gorilla Ninja” Casey (3-0)
Welterweight 170
Round 1: Kastriot comes out early with a headkick and clips Casey, Casey gets the takedown and looks to work from the top. Casey is heavy on top but Xhema is landing elbows from the bottom. Casey works his way to full mount and looks to land the ground and pound before Xhema escapes and returns to his feet. Casey closes distance early and gets the takedown again but it doesn't last long. They briefly return to striking distance before Casey lands another takedown and begins to work from side control. Xhema looks to escape and Casey grabs a guillotine but Xhema escapes the fighters trade right hands as the round ends. 10-9 Casey.
Round 2: Fighters touch gloves and Xhema comes out swinging. Casey connects with a right hand that drops Kastriot and Casey follows into side control. Casey is once again super heavy from the top as he continues to punish Xhema. Casey's elbows have opened a cut over Kastriot's eye or on his forehead as Pat continues to rain down elbows. Kastriot scrambles back to half guard but can not escape Pat's grasp. Casey goes for an armbar as the round ends but comes up empty. 10-9 Casey could be 10-8.
Round 3: Fighters hug in the center of the cage and they break and Kastriot looks to strike but Casey immediately lands a single leg. Kastriot scrambles but Casey ends up on top once again. Casey's wrestling has DOMINATED this fight from start to finish as we tick under three minutes left in the fight. Kastriot is trying to mount some offense from the bottom but Casey remains in control. The bell sounds and Pat helps Kastriot to his feet. 10-9 Casey
Decision: Pat Casey defeats Kastriot Xhema by unanimous decision (30-26 x 3), as I suspected judges saw round 2 10-8.

Alexandra Ballou (Debut) v. Lisa “Insane” Blaine (2-2)
Women’s Flyweight 125
Round 1: Lisa comes out and backs Ballou to the cage using strikes, they battle for position against the cage, with both fighters spending time with their backs to the cage. They return to striking distance and Blaine lands some strikes that back up Alexandra. And they are back on the cage with Ballou putting the pressure on Blaine. List escapes and lands some strikes as Alex tries for the single leg takedown as time expires. 10-9 Ballou.
Round 2: Ballou is throwing kicks to start round 2 as both fighters come up short on combinations. Alexandra is landing the more technical strikes as Lisa is looking to land the big punch. They once again end up in the clinch where Ballou has been getting the best of the exchange on the cage. Kevin MacDonald steps in and breaks the fighters off the cage and they return to the center where Blaine start to swing away once again. Ballou starts putting together some good striking as the round ends. 10-9 Ballou. Close round could go either way.
Round 3: Blaine catches an opening kick from Ballou and puts her on the cage but Ballou turns and has Baline against the cage. Ballou lands some knees in the clinch and continues to be the fighter advancing and keeping pressure on Blaine. They Break and exchange combinations as Ballou looks to land the best of the exchange as she continues to fire kicks as part of her arsenal. Ballou gets the crown on their feet with a huge double leg takedown and follows with vicious elbows for the finish!
Decision: Alexandra Ballou defeats Lisa Blaine by TKO stoppage at 3:28 of round 3.

Michael “The Savage” Kimbel (1-0) v. Alex “40 oz” Potts (1-0)   
Bantamweight 135
Round 1: Mike comes forward with a right hand that knocks Potts out cold and Todd Anderson stops this fight immediately!
Decision Michael Kimbel defeats Alex Potts by Knockout at :06 of the very first round. WOW!

Kristi “Loba” Lopez (2-0-1) v. Sarah “Switchkick” Click (1-2)
Women’s Flyweight 125
Round 1: Click starts out throwing the jab and landing a low leg kick, Lopez comes forward and grabs a guillotine but click escapes easily and lands a nick overhand elbow on the way out. Fighters are exchanging knees in the clinch before they break and Kristi lands some hands to the face of Sarah Click. Kristi catches a kick and looks for the takedown but Click keeps her feet and lands an uppercut from the clinch as they end up on the cage again. They continue to exchange strikes from the clinch as well as trade position on the fence. Lopez looks for a takedown but its Click on top and they return to their feet. Click lands a combination in the last ten seconds that nearly stops the fight but Lopez survives to see another round 10-9 Click very close round.
Round 2: Click comes out landing early in round 2, backing Lopez up with kicks and jabs. Click lands some more left hands and Lopez looks to clinch and ends up with her back on the fence and heavy head pressure from Click. Click lands some heavy foot stomps just as Lopez switches position and puts Sarah's back on the fence. Lopez switches levels and looks for a double leg but is stuffed and they split as the round ends. 10-9 Lopez Close again.
Round 3: Sarah comes out once again behind the jab and looking to back Lopez down. Sarah is throwing some of the highest volume of strikes we have seen from her so far, as she opens the third round with a purpose. Sarah lands the left a few times before Lopez decides to clinch up and Sarah puts her on the cage. Lopez reverses the position for a short while before Click reverses and then is reversed again. Kevin MacDonald breaks the girls up and returns them to striking distance where Click goes to work once again and the girls exchange as the final bell sounds. 10-9 Click.
Decision: Sarah Click defeats Kristi Lopez by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Andre Fialho (9-1) v. Javier “Chunty Boy”Torres (10-4)
Catchweight 177
Round 1: Andre comes out jabbing and lands a crashing lower leg kick to the lead leg of Torres. Fialho is backing down Torres and cutting the cage off. Torres seems to catch a finger to the eye but Todd Anderson warns Torres to fight on as Andre lands to the body then circles the cage and follows with a high kick. Torres is fighting with his back against the cage respecting the power in the hands of Fialho. Fialho lands from the outside and throws in a glancing superman punch for good measure. Andre narrowly misses a flying knee from the outside as he continues to keep Torres' back to the cage as the round ends. 10-9 Fialho.
Round 2: Fialho comes out with more of the same in round 2 using a jab and low leg kicks to keep Torres' back to the cage. Torres decides to test the waters at the center of the cage and lands a nice combo but Fialho takes his place back in the center and continues to go to work on Torres. Torres complains of another eye poke but the ref doesn't see it again and the action continues. Torres shoots in and gets double underhooks and looks for the takedown but Fialho stuffs and returns to distance and fails at an attempt at a takedown of his own as the round ends. 10-9 Fialho.
Round 3: Fialho comes out stalking Torres once again landing to the body and backing him down with pressure from the outside. Torres it trying to punch his way off the fence but Fialho maintains the center of the cage. Fialho connects with a right hand and it is returned by Torres and Torres clinches Fialho against the cage and looks to mount his first offense of the fight. Torres looks to grab the back from the clinch but Fialho defends and Fialho turns the action briefly before they separate and Fialho looks to strike again. Torres again clinches and looks for the back briefly they split with ten seconds left in the round and both men slug their way to the finish. 10-9 Torres.
Decision: Andre Fialho defeats Javier Torres by Majority Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)

Sinead “KO” Kavanaugh (5-3) v. Janay “Hollowpoint” Harding (3-3)
Women’s Featherweight 145
Round 1: Kavanaugh lands first and early as she is looking to finish this fight before it gets going. Kavanaugh is wasting no time bringing this fight to Harding as she lands at a high output early, backing Harding up and landing coming forward. Harding mixes in some right hands that bloody up the face of Kavanaugh as we have a fight on our hands. Kavanaugh is landing coming forward but Harding is doing a great job countering and landing to the bloody face of Kavanaugh. This pace lasts throughout the entire first round with both fighters landing. 10-9 Harding, another close round that could go either way. Kavanaugh is cut badly in multiple spots.
The Doctor steps in and calls a stop to this fight between rounds due to the lacerations on the face of Kavanaugh.
Decision: Janay Harding defeats Sinead Kavanaugh by doctors stoppage at 5:00 of round 1.

Tim “The Bear” Caron (9-1) v. Vinicius “The Brazilian Bad Boy” de Jesus (5-2)
Middleweight 185
Round 1: De Jesus comes out quick looking to work on the lead leg of Tim Caron, as Caron looks to counter with the jab but is is de Jesus who is landing and walking Caron back into the cage. De Jesus continues to land first in all of the opening exchanges ad all Caron can muster is the Jab. Vinicius clinches Caron on the cage as Caron uses a guillotine to get out. De Jesus clinches again and looks for a takedown that is stuffed by Caron. Vinicius backs out and once again shoots for the takedown and is once again stuffed as the round comes to an end. 10-9 de Jesus.
Round 2: Caron starts round two with a paid of glancing kicks but it is once again de Jesus that is backing Caron up. Caron catches a body kick and uses it to plant Vinicius on the ground but de Jesus pops right back up and looks to continue striking. Caron's jab now has some blood coming from the nose of de Jesus as Vinicius looks to clinch and Caron stuffs the clinch attempt. de Jesus backs Caron to the fence again looking for a takedown and Caron reverses and they return to striking distance as the round ends. 10-9 de Jesus.
Round 3: Caron lands a low leg kick to open up round number three but Vinicius once again looks to strike from distance as he connects with Caron's face. De Jesus lands a wheel kick followed with a kick to the body that gets the crowds attention and draws blood from( the ear of Caron. De Jesus gets Caron with an eye poke that stops the action briefly. De Jesus lands coming forward and Caron mixes in a counter jab. Caron gets a takedown but Vinicius wastes no time getting back to his feet. Vinicius lands a takedown and nearly gets Tim's back as the round ends. 10-9 de Jesus
Decision: Vinicius de Jesus defeats Tim Caron by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Sean “The Unpredictable One” Lally (8-3) v. Kemran Lachinov (6-2)
Welterweight 170
Fight will take place after the conclusion of the main card as the postlim to the Main Event.
Round 1: These guys slug it out for the first minute or so before Lachinov lands a takedown and has top position on Lally. Lachinov is landing some short elbows from the top as Lally tries to get free. Lachinov grabs a leg and Lally rolls to the top and lands some heavy ground and pound but Lachinov survives the round. 10-9 Lachinov.
Round 2: Lachinov comes out early in round two and looks for the takedown but Lally stuffs the attempt. Kamran eventually changes levels and lands the takedown attempt and again has top control on Lally. Lachinov passes the guard or Lally and now works from side control as Lachinov tries to harvest and arm. Lally lands a single downward strike as the round ends. 10-8 Lachinov.
Round 3: Lally comes out swinging knowing he needs the finish and lands a combination to the chin of Lachinov. Lally lands a big uppercut that allows Lachinov to gain the takedown and Lachinov quickly passes guard and is working for the submission. Lachinov looks content to finish this round from side control as Sean needs to get to his feet if there is any chance of a comeback. Lally pushes Lachinov off but cannot get up before Lachinov returns to the ground where he finishes this fight with heavy ground and pound. 10-9 Lachinov.
Decision: Kamran Lachinov defeats Sean Lally by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Carrington “Jetsetter”Banks (7-1) v. Mandel Nallo (6-0)
Lightweight 155
Round 1: Nallo came out hot in round one looking like he was going to finish with an Anaconda choke but Banks survived and got a takedown of his own and spent the last two or so minutes on top. Nallo did enough damage in the first three minutes to win the round for my. 10-9 Nallo.
Round 2: Nallo looked to be the aggressor early on in the second round before landing a devastating flying knee to the jaw of Banks and Banks was cold before he hit the mat!
Decision: Mandel Nallo defeats Carrington Banks by knockout via flying knee at :57 of round two.

Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr. (3-1) v. Corey Browning (3-2)
Lightweight 155
Round 1: Baby Slice came out like a house on fire nearly stopping this fight early with a string on knees and submission attempts. Slice rag dolls Browning all over the cage but Browning is able to hang through most of it even taking Slice's back with a minute left in the round. Browning gets Slice in a crucifix position and nearly ends the fight but Slice is saved by the bell. Close Round 10-9 Browning.
Round 2: Slice comes out and tags Browning's chin and Browning fires back with an overhand that drops Slice. Ferguson ends up on top and nearly finishes with a head and arm choke. Slice gains the back but Browning survives to land some ground and pound that gains the referee's stoppage! WOW!
Decision: Corey Browning defeats Baby Slice by TKO at 2:08 of the second round. Slice is hurt badly and is being taken out of the cage on a backboard. We would like to wish Kevin Ferguson Jr. a very quick and full recovery!

Lorenz “The Monsoon” Larkin (19-7) v. Ion “The Romanian Bomber” Pascu (18-8)
Welterweight 170
Round 1: Larkin is the first fighter to open up unleashing a combination that backs up Pascu and Pascu closes the distance and tries to clinch for a takedown. Larkin is landing at will for the most part and Pascu tries for another takedown to avoid the punishment. Pascu is having no luck in his attempts to get Larkin to the ground. 10-9 Larkin.
Round 2: Pascu starts off round 2 with another takedown attempt that is once again stuffed by Larkin. Larkin continues to pick Pascu apart on the feet as the Romanian looks once again to get this fight to the canvas. Pascu catches a kick from Larkin and looks to push him to the cage and Larkin lands a vicious uppercut that drops Pascu, Pascu gets up and presses Larkin to the cage as the round ends. 10-9 Larkin.
Round 3: Pascu comes out pushing the pace in round three and lands some of his best strikes of the night early in the third. Lorenz lands a body kick that catches the attention of Pascu as Larkin looks to continue to pick apart the Romanian on the feet Pascu gets the takedown with two minutes left to work as he looks to change the tides in this one. Pascu goes for a heel hook with just 15 seconds left and Larkin ends the round on top. 10-9 Larkin but this round could go either way, Pascu got the takedown but didn't do much damage from the top.
Decision: Lorenz Larkin defeats Ion Pascu by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) Judges clearly gave the third to Pascu which I cannot argue with at all!

Roy “Big Country” Nelson (23-15) v. Sergei “The Paratrooper” Kharitonov (28-7)
Heavyweight 265
Round 1: Fighters both tag eachother early and Nelson initiates the early tie up but the quickly split. Nelson goes for the takedown and Serdei grabs the guillotine and lands an illegal knee to the forehead of Nelson. Dan Miragliotta rightfully takes a point away from the Russian. Fighters look happy to stand and trade blows after the fight is restarted following the illegal knee. Sergei puts it on Nelson in the waining seconds of the first landing one final knee that buckles Nelson to the canvas with just seconds left in the round!
Decision: Sergei Kharitonov defeats Roy Nelson by Knockout at 4:59 of round number one.

Matt "Meathead" Mitrione (13-5) v. Ryan “Darth” Bader (25-5)
Heavyweight 265 Grand Prix Semifinals
Round 1: Bader gets the takedown early and establishes himself on the top of Mitrione. Mitrione makes it back to the feet but Bader gets it back to the mat and is working for the back and landing shots while on top. Bader grabs the seatbelt and muscles Mitrione back to the mat. Bader looks awesome in the first round and takes it to Mitrione. 10-8 Bader.
Round 2: Mitrione comes out trying to strike and Ryan goes for the takedown and lands it early and is working the Kimura from half guard. Mitrione turtles up once again as Bader lands some heavy ground and pound, Bader once again looks for the Kimura and almost gets the tap before Mitrione rolls out and Bader continues to land strikes from the back. Mitrione tries a heel hook but Bader rolls to the top and keeps the heavy pressure for the rest of the round. 10-9 Bader.
Round 3: Bader comes out in round 3 and goes immediately for the takedown and lands it and has all round to work from the top again. Mitrione is just trying to keep Mitrione close so that Bader cannot mount anymore offense and finish this fight. Mitrione makes a few last ditch efforts to stand but Bader just brings him back to the ground each time. Bader is dominant in all three rounds! 10-8 Bader.
Decision: Ryan Bader defeats Matt Mitrione by Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-24, 30-25)