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March 16, 2019


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We are here at the Ammo 6 event and as we arrived there was a line out the door.  Warchild and I snuck in and quickly found our seats.  Inside the seating area was filling up rather quickly which is great.  I would say this is the biggest crowd Ammo has had to date.  There has been a few fights that have been scrapped.  The first fight that was on the card has been cancelled and also the Saul Almeida and Rob Fuller fight has been cancelled.  The refs are Steve Rita and some ref's name I will learn later.  The national anthem has been played and the fights are about to begin.  Please follow along as I try my best to keep up with all the action.

GRAPPLING Andrew Kimbel vs. Andres Esparza

Winner Andrew Kimbel via submission at 7:36

Spidey Girl Bella vs MMA Princess Avaleen Crowley


GRAPPLING Nicole Shattuck vs. Danielle Hindley

Hindley wins  by submission toe hold 1:24

GRAPPLING Jeff Haddad vs. John Stapleton

Draw, awesome grappling match.

GRAPPLING Charles Soffen vs. Logan Dias

Charles wins submission guillotine at 2:15

GRAPPLING Gianna Daniele vs. Ryan Sousa

Gianna wins submission armbar 3:21

145 AM Anthony Alvarado (1-0 Underdog) vs. Charra Phon (0-0 Ultimate MMA)

Tony ducks under a punch and presses Charra up against the cage.  They break and are back in the center.  Tony gets Charra to the mat and Charra threatens with a guillotine.  Charra is trying for a single leg and Tony is firing punches from the top.

Alvarado 10-9

Rd 2:  Charra is trying for a single leg but cant get it.  Now Tony is trying for one of his own but ends up pulling guard.  Charra gets the better position and has the back. He is trying for rear naked choke but runs out of time.

Phon 10-9

Rd 3:  Charra is trying for a takedown but can't get it.  Tony has hold of the neck and then lets go.  He is now trying for a takedown but Charra sprawls.  He gets him to the mat and has his back as Charra is standing back up.  He rips him back down to the mat.  Charra stands back up and Tony has the single leg and slams him to the mat again.

Alvarado 10-9

Anthony Alvarado defeats Charra Phon via split decision.

125 Blaze Robinson (0-3 Ravenous) vs. Jonathan Cocoma (0-0 Soul Craft BJJ)

They come out swinging and Blaze presses Jonathan up against the cage.  Blaze is working some knees and Jonathan gets in a few knees of is own.  Blaze switches to double leg and gets him to the mat briefly.  Blaze gets in 3 solid punches to the head as they get back to their feet.  Blaze is pressing Jonathan up against the cage as the round ends.

Robinson 10-9

Rd 2: They come out swinging again and Blaze catches him with combo.  Jonathan starts swinging back and he gets hit with another one and goes down.  Blaze finishes him off with a few more punches and ref stops the fight.

Blaze Robinson defeats Jonathan Cocoma via ko at 10 seconds in Rd 2.

145 Nate Ghareeb (5-3 FAA) vs. Aaron Hughes (3-5 Regiment)

Both fighters are working their leg kicks.  Nate tries for a takedown but can't get it.  Nate gets Aaron to the mat and Aaron is working his way up.  Nate gets him back down and Aaron works his way back up again using the cage.  They are back to the center and swinging away.  These guys are kicking hard!  Aaron catches the leg and gets Nate to the mat.  Aaron is standing back up and Nate is doing some upkicks.  They tangle up the legs as the round ends.

Ghareeb 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both working their stand up.  Nate seems to be getting the better of the stand up.  Nate catches him with a body shot and Aaron goes down.  Nate gets in a few more punches and the ref stops the fight.

Nate Ghareeb defeats Aaron Hughes via tko to strikes at 1:30 in Rd 2.

170 AM Sage Phillipe (1-0 Team Link) vs. James Thomas (1-0 Nomad MMA)

They both are swinging.  Sage gets a takedown with authority and is in half guard.  He gets pushed back to guard.  James works his way up and Sage gets in a knee to the body.  They are clinching and Sage gets in another knee.  Sage gets in another knee and grabs the back.  He is looking for the rear naked choke but can't get it.  He is in full mount looking to drop bombs.  He gets pushed off and now James has the back.  Sage is sitting on top of James as the round ends.

Phillipe 10-9

Rd 2:  James catches the leg kick and gets Sage to the mat.  They are right back up and exchanging kicks.  Sage gets in two leg kicks and takes James down.  He eventually moves to full mount and James gives up his back.  Sage finishes him off with side to side ground and pound for the ref stoppage.

Sage Phillipe defeats James Thomas via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:53 in Rd 2.

125 AM Glory Watson (3-0 Young's MMA) vs. Alyssa Marini (2-0 Rue Kickboxing)

Glory gets the double leg takedown.  She is in half guard and moves to the side.  Alyssa is eating a few punches and hooks Glory's arm with her legs briefly.  Glory moves to full mount and gets in some hammerfists.  She is dropping bombs looking for the stoppage.  She has the body lock and then hooks the legs and she runs out of time.

Watson 10-9

Rd 2:  Glory connects with a high kick.  She gets the takedown and has the side.  Glory gets in 3 punches and grabs the arm.  Alyssa is sitting on Glory's neck and getting in punches to the side.  They scramble as the round ends.

Watson 10-9

Rd 3:  They are exchanging leg kicks.  They are swinging away.  Glory gets the better of the exchange.  Alyssa jumps guard and Glory slams her to the mat.  Allysa has Glory's arm between her legs and Glory gets it free.  Alyssa was trying for a triangle but couldn't get it tight enough.  Glory gets in a few punches to the body as the round ends.

Watson 10-9

Glory Watson defeats Alyssa Marini via unanimous decision.

145 AM TITLE Randy Francis (4-5 Strike Zone) vs. Kenny Champion (4-4 Golden Falcon)

They both came here to fight!  They are both swinging for the fences.  Kenny gets in a good outside leg kick.  Randy gets in a solid leg kick of his own.  Nice combo from Randy.

Real close round for me to say.

Rd 2:  Right back where we left off!  Kenny connects with a combo.  Kenny with a body kick.  Randy's face is starting to take some wear.  Randy gets in a combo.  Randy gets hit with a right and fires right back.  What a fight!

Champion 10-9

Rd 3:  They are swinging once again.  Kenny is now pressing Randy up against the cage. They break and are back to the center.  Randy gets in a good snapping leg kick and the crowd cheers.

Real close round, Francis 10-9

Rd 4:  Kenny gets in a combo to start off the championship round.  Kenny with some more solid punches.  Randy is wobbly.  Kenny hits him with a knee to the head which by the way is illegal.    Ref doesn't even warn him about it or give him time to recover. Randy seems to have come to and keeps firing back.  Kenny gets in a hook as the round ends.

Champion 10-9

Rd 5:  Randy gets in a snapping leg kick.  Kenny gets hit in the cup and fight resumes.  What a war!  They both keep swinging away with no sign of stopping in round 5.

Too close to call.

Kenny Champion defeats Randy Francis via unanimous decision.  Ammo has a new champ.

115 PRO Dan Cormier (6-9 Triforce MMA) vs. Matt Lyall (0-1)

Dan is starting it out with kicks.  Dan gets him to the mat and is posturing up.  He gets in a punch and Dan gets in a d'arce choke and the very quick tap.

Dan Cormier defeats Matt Lyall via tapout to d'arce choke at 50 seconds in Rd 1.

140 PRO Will Smith (0-0 FAA) vs. Bradley Sustad (1-9 Cortland Elite MMA and Fitness)

Will Smith kicks high and falls to the mat.  They scramble and Will is in guard.  He moves to the side and to full mount.  Bradley has hold of the neck and I think Will elbows back on it and Bradley screams in pain.  The fight is stopped and it looks like Bradley's shoulder popped out.

Will Smith defeats Bradley Sustad via verbal submission to injury (shoulder) 1:23 at in Rd 1.

GRAPPLING Jon Manley vs. Placido Santos

Placido wins by rear naked choke at 3:17.

135 PRO Robbie Leroux (5-5 Regiment) vs. Harris Bonfiglio (1-0 Ultimate MMA)

Harris goes for a head kick that touches.  Harris gets the takedown and is immediately into full mount.  Robbie is using the cage to work his way up and he does.  Robbie gets the single leg and picks Harris up and slams him to the mat.  Harris has hold of the arm and works the kimura for the tap.

Harris Bonfiglio defeats Robbie Leroux via tapout to kimura at 2:04 in Rd 1.

185 PRO Connor Barry (5-3 Redline) vs. Jesus Cintron (0-5 Independent)

Connor takes him down and is in full mount.  He gets into full mount right away and finishes him off with some hammerfists.

Connor Barry defeats Jesus Cintron via tko stoppage to strikes at 29 seconds in Rd 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Randy Francis and Kenny Champion 5 round war!
KO/TKO of the NIGHT:  Sage Phillipe and his tko win
SUB of the NIGHT: Dan Cormier and his quick d'arce.

It was a great night of fights and I will say the best Ammo show that they ever had.  They are working hard each show to improve each one and it shows.  They had fog when the fighters walked out which was a cool feature except sometimes it was still in the cage when it started but the fighters didn't seem to mind.  I also want to say that 5-6 grappling matches are the perfect amount of grappling to get the fans warmed up.  Reality Fighting had like 15 matches or so their last one and it seemed a bit much.  Yeah, it's true that people can just show up later if they aren't interested in it all but just my personal opinion.  Well, I hope you enjoyed my recap of the night and Warchild's photos that will be added into here soon.  Special thanks to Ammo's Bill Idol and Krytyne for the lovely hospitality.