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August 5, 2019


Day 1 Opening Remarks:

ABCCS President Michael Mazzulli opens the 2019 conference with guests Francisco Meneses Jr - Exec. Dir. AZ Boxing and MMA Comm. & AZ State Rep Jeff Weninger

Day 1 Rules and Regulations Discussion

Chair, Sean Wheelock and committee member John McCarthy speak to the body regarding 2016 Grounded Fighter Definition and Policy Change

ABCCS Secretary Joe Walsh takes a vote  and Treasurer Lydia Robertson reports to the body the current state of the finances.

ABCCS President Michael Mazzulli and BoxRec Owners John and Dr. Marina Sheppard recognize members of the ABCCS in a short awards ceremony

CSAC Exec. Dir. Andy Foster speaks on the topic of drug testing.

Dr. Goodman provides insight into the resources available to all Combat Sports Regulating Bodies the world over.

John English, Chair of the ABCCS Retired Fighter Charity Committee presents the committee’s proposed bylaw changes to the body. ABCCS President Michael Mazzulli also submits a proposal to the body regarding membership dues.