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August 6, 2019


ISKA President Corey Schafer delivers a proposed Amateur Kickboxing ruleset to the ABCCS body for consideration before a vote to adopt is taken.

Nominees informally announce their intentions to run for seats on the BOD.

ABCCS BOD appoints Lydia Robertson to the position of paid tax preparer and conference organizer

Retired Fighter Charity Committee Chair, John English, gives the body an update on gifts given since the 2018 conference. UFC Cutman Scotty Rehm shares with the body details of the Empire Pro Tape / Retired Fighter Charity collaboration.

In the second MMA Rules and Regs presentation of the day the committee brings three non-binding recommendations to the body for a vote. These are additions of language to already existing rules governing “10-8” rounds, the use of video monitors for judges, and allowing fouled fighters to receive 30 seconds of medical treatment once in a round in which the foul occurs. Speakers include Sean Wheelock, John McCarthy, Jerin Valel, Sal D’Amato, Marc Ratner, Corey Schafer, Frank Gentile, Kim Sumbler, Andy Foster, Greg Sirb, and others

ABCCS President Michael Mazzulli opens the discussion on a controversial “Grounded Fighter Definition” refinement proposed by the MMA Rules and Regs Committee. The body is given an opportunity to voice concerns, give statements, and ask questions on the topic. Notable speakers are Sean Wheelock, John McCarthy, Andy Foster, Greg Sirb, Kim Sumbler, Brian Dunn, Kevin MacDonald, Corey Schafer, and others as recognized by ABCCS Secretary Joe Walsh.