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September 7, 2019

CES 58 LIVE REVIEW 9/7/2019

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We made our way to Hartford and meandered through the city and found the parking garage.  We went through a spinning door and up the escalator to Exhibit B where the fights are being held.  There was a little confusion as nobody had our press passes but Jimmy Jr took care of it.  The media section is up on a platform in the back which is nice as no one will be standing blocking our view.  There are big screens inside so no matter where you are you wont miss the action.  There are a total of 9 fights tonight and all of them are professional ones.  The refs are Kevin MacDonald, Bryan Minor, and Keith Peterson are the refs for the night.  The national anthem has been sung and the fights are about to begin.  Please follow along as I try to keep up with all the action.

135 PRO Will Smith (FAA 2-1) vs. Aaron Reese (Team Reese 0-0)

Will Smith starts the round off with some kicks to the body.  Aaron catches a leg kick and tries to get Will to the mat but Will keeps his balance and the fight is still standing.  Will gets in a good combo that starts off with a superman punch.   Will goes for a double leg takedown and gets it with seconds left.

Smith 10-9

Rd 2:   Both fighters are trying to get their jab going.  Aaron closes the gap and grabs Will’s back.  He rips him to the mat and is trying to flatten him out.  He is peppering him side to side.  He is getting in a lot of strikes from the top.  Will bucks him off and gets the takedown at the last second.

Reese 10-9

Rd 3:  Will gets in a solid right.  Will gets in close and connects with a combo.  He has him backed up into the corner and the crowd is cheering.  Aaron spins out and they are back to the center.  

Smith 10-9

Will Smith defeats Aaron Reese via unanimous decision.

HVY PRO Dan Randall (FAA 0-1) vs. Jesse Baughman (Team Link 0-2)

They clinch and Dan gets in some knees to the thigh of Jesse.  Jesse swings his way out.  Dan throws a knee to the body and Jesse takes him down.  He quickly gets up and takes Jesse down.  Dan is dropping elbows from the side.  Dan is getting in some heavy shots and then works an americana for the tap.

Dan Randall defeats Jesse Baughman via tapout to Americana at 2:33 in Round 1.

155 PRO Nick Giulietti  (1-0 Ultimate MMA) vs.  Cody Schieve (0-1)

Nick gets the quick takedown and grabs the back.  He flattens him out and is getting in some heavy ground and pound.  He gets the finish!

Nick Giulietti defeats Cody Schieve via tko stoppage to strikes at 38 seconds in Round 1.

125 PRO Justin Valentin (Underdog MMA 2-1) vs. Adrian Haley (Brooklyn MMA 0-0)

Justin starts the round off with a leg kick.  Justin connects with a right and then gets in two punches to the body.  Justin gets in a snapping leg kick and the crowd cheers.  He fires back with another one and Adrian definitely didnt like that one.  Justin gets the takedown as the round ends.

Valentin 10-9

Rd 2:  Justin gets in a leg kick.  Justin keeps working the leg kicks.  You can see Adrian’s leg getting very red.  Adrian gets in a leg kick of his own.  Adrian is pressing forward and working his leg kicks.  Justin connects with a combo to the face.  

Real close round, could go either way.

Rd 3:  Justin catches a kick and takes Adrian down.  He has the back as Adrian is trying to stand.  He works his way up and they are back in the center.  Justin dives and gets the takedown.  They scramble and are back up.  Adrian gets the takedown and now has the back of Justin.  He is trying for the rear naked choke but Justin defends.  He then tries to soften him up with some ground and pound.  Justin keeps fighting it and slides out the back as Adrian falls off.  Justin has Adrian’s back as the round ends.

Haley 10-9

Adrian Haley defeats Justin Valentin via split decision.  Round 2 was close and I had a feeling that it might have been a split!  Great battle from both fighters.

135 PRO Harris Bonfiglio (Ultimate MMA 2-0) vs.  Jornel Lugo (ATT 1-0)

Jornel connects as Harris dives for a takedown.  He rolls and gets back up.  Jornel is pressing Harris up against the cage and they break.  They clinch and Harris keeps trying to trip Jornel to the mat.  Jornel stays up and reverses.  They break and are back to the center.  Harris slips and then baits Jornel to the mat.  Harris gets back up and they in the middle again.  Jornel connects with knee to the head and Harris is hurt.  He finishes him off with a few more punches and the ref stops the fight.

Jornel Lugo defeats Harris Bonfiglio via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:27 in Round 1.

145 PRO Robbie Leroux  (Regiment Training 5-6) vs.  Pete Rogers Jr. (Pete Rogers Karate 4-4)

Robbie is looking for the takedown.  Pete tries for a guilliotine and literally picks him up while grabbing his neck.  Robbie gets him to the mat and is working the side.  He gets pushed back to guard.  Pete gets out and grabs hold of the leg.  Robbie gets out and quickly grabs hold of the heel and gets the tap.

Robbie Leroux defeats Pete Rogers Jr via tapout to heel hook at 1:55 in Round 1.

170 PRO Jesse Kosakowski (PSDTC 4-0) vs.  Reggie Merriweather (13-14 Genocide MMA)

Reggie connects and drops Jesse.  He tries for the finish but Jesse recovers.  He rolls him and is now on top pressing him up against the cage.  He gets in some knees to the body as Reggie is trying to stand.  They are and Jesse has Reggie pressed up against the cage.  They break and Jesse throws a high kick that is partially blocked and Reggie counters with a clean shot to the head that drops Jesse.  Jesse spins right over and has his legs up in guard as the ref stops the fight.  

Reggie Merriweather defeats Jesse Kosakowski via ko at 2:37 in Round 1.  Bad stoppage in my eyes and the crowd agrees.

HVY PRO Dirlei Broenstrup (Minu Fight Team 16-7) vs.  Parker Porter (Underdog MMA 9-5)

They are both swinging for the fences.  Parker connects with an overhand right and the crowd cheers.  Dirlei gets in a combo of his own.  Parker connects and Dirlei drops to one knee.  Parker hits him with a few more and Dirlei is back to his feet.  Dirlei is tough as nails.  He throws a kick to the body.  Dirlei tries for a takedown and Parker defends it.  He makes him pay with a few punches to the head.  Dirlei with a shot to the body then head.  Dirlei pushes Parker to the mat and has his back standing as the round ends.

Porter 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both working their strikes.  They are also naturally showing some fatigue.  Parker gets in an inside leg kick.  Parker with a knee to the head from the clinch.  Parker catches the leg and throws Dirlei down.  He jumps into his guard and is there for the rest of the round.

Porter 10-9

Rd 3:  They are swinging wildly.  Parker is getting the better of the exchanges in my eyes.  They clinch and Dirlei gets in two knees to the body.  The crowd starts chanting “Let’s go Parker” and I swear 5 seconds later Parker connects with a right to the chin that knocks him out.

Parker Porter defeats Dirlei Broenstrup via ko at 3:17 in Round 3.  What a fight!!!

170 PRO TITLE Vinicius de Jesus (8-2 Team Link)  vs.  Chris Lozano  (10-4 Evolve MMA)

Chris connects with a right that sends Vini back.  Vini grabs on to him and is trying to take him down.  He can’t get it and they break.  They are back to the center.  Vini gets in a leg kick.  Vini backs Chris up with a nice exchange as the round ends.

Lozano 10-9

Rd 2:  Chris does a spining kick and Vini makes him pay with a right.  He drops him and tries for the finish but Chris recovers.  They are back standing.  Vini with a snapping leg kick heard all around the room.  Vini does a spinning kick and the crowd roars.  Chris fires back with a combo.  Vini with a kick to the body.  

De Jesus 10-9

Rd 3:  Chris goes high and Vini gets in a punch to the body.  Vini connects with a nice left.  Chris gets in a left of his own.  Vini connects and turns on the heat.  He lets out a barrage of punches and knees from the clinch and gets the ref stoppage.  Chris protests as he thought it was early stoppage.

Vinicius de Jesus defeats Chris Lozano via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:22 in Round 3. 

CES announced that CES 59 will take place on October 19th, 2019 at the Twin River Casino.  Featured on the card will be Sean Soriano who will be the headliner.  Also featured on the card will be William Knight and John Gotti III.  We will keep you posted on that.  All in all, it was a great night of action in the CES cage.  The production was top notch and the sound was on point.