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September 7, 2019

New England Fights 40: School of the Hard Knocks Live Review

Josh Harvey v. Dominic Jones

Travis Lizotte

Orono, Maine - Saturday, September 7th, We are Live cage side at the Collins Center for the Arts and just minutes away from tonight's action. Follow this article throughout the night for live up to the minute results as they go down from NEF 40!

*Below is the full fight card and round by round fight results for NEF 40: “School of Hard Knocks”   

Justin Kangas (0-1, First Class MMA) v. Nathaniel Grimard (Debut, Nostos)
Amateur Bantamweight

Round 1: Kangas comes out behind combinations and backs Nate to the cage but Nate torns the action before they split but its not for long before Nate lands a takedown and works from open guard. Justin is doing a good job keeping Nate close but Nate finally postures and lands some ground and pound. Justin turns his back and get full mounted and Nate is looking to finish, Justin rolls directly into an armbar from Nate and Nate locks it in for the tap with just seconds to go in round 1! Lots of action in the first fight here from UMO!

Decision: Nate Grimard defeats Justin Kangas by Submission (Armbar) at 2:55 of the first round!

Justin Philbrook (0-2, Independent) v. Dylan Williams (0-1, Independant)
Amateur Middleweight

Round 1: Dylan comes out and foregoes the glove touch and looks for an opening combination but Justin neutralizes the attack and has Williams on the cage and is looking for a takedown but Justin gets an underhook and gets the takedown of his own and works quickly to mount and then the back where he looks to soften Williams up and looks for the choke. The Choke isn't there and Justin gets in more heavy ground and pound as round one comes to a close. 10-9 Philbrook.

Round 2: Williams lands a jab to start the round and Justin answers with the takedown, Dylan sells out for a guillotine attempt that allows Justin to once again get the mount and then the back of Williams. Williams rolls and Philbrook moves to mount and lands some ground and pound and a submission attempt as the round expires. 10-8 Philbrook.

Round 3: Williams comes out firing leg kicks, Philbrook ducks under a combination and again takes Williams down with ease and goes to work from half guard. Justin once again moves to mount and lands more of his patented ground and pound causing Dylan to give his back as Justin grabs the fence to maintain mount and Referee John English stops the action and warns Philbrook of the infraction. Philbrook puts the pressure on as the round restarts and Williams pulls guard on a guillotine as the round ends. 10-9 Philbrook.

Decision: Justin Philbrook defeats Dylan Williams by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Mike "Magic" Murray (1-0, Camden Combat/ The Foundry) v. Jordan Crim (1-0, United Fighting Arts)             
Amateur Lightweight 

Round 1: Murray comes out firing kicks from some pretty athletic angles but Jordan returns with a combinations of his own. Murray has Crim against the cage and Jordan looks for a standing guillotine but Mike handfights his way out and gets the trip but Crim scrambles on top and Murray reverses. Crim looks to scramble out but Murray takes the back and sinks in a deep rear naked choke for the tap.

Decision Mike Murray defeats Jordan Crim by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) as 1:54 of the first round!

Glory Watson (5-0, Young’s MMA) v. Lin MacMillan (0-1, Spartan Striking)
Amateur Women’s Strawweight

Round 1: Glory comes out and lands a combination early and Lin ties up and gets Glory down but Glory ends up on top with MacMillan against the cage. Lin scrambles but GLory is heavy on top as Watson postures up and lands some short shots. Glory grabs a side headlock and begins to punish the face of MacMillan with heavy shots, Referee Steve Rita has seen enough as MacMillan stops protecting he head and goes flat.

Decision: Glory Watson defeats Lin MacMillan by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 1:23 of the first round! Glory looked very impressive in her Strawweight debut!

Ryan Savage (0-1, First Class MMA) v. Nate White (2-0, CMBJJ)
Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Savage comes out behind the jab as Nate looks to walk him down, Nate closes distance and has Savage on the cage and picks him up and plants him in his corner where he goes to work under direction from Jesse Erickson, Jesse Peterson and Bruce Boyington. Nate is going to work from closed guard as Ryan lands some short shots from the bottom. Savage's shots have opened up Nate White up as he goes to the stool bloody. 10-9 Savage.

Round 2: Nate comes out in the second and immediately shoots for the takedown and gets it, Nate has Savage fighting off his back once again but Nate needs to start working from top control. Nate finally gets some separation and lands some hammerfists from the top. Ryan gets space and tries to stand but is greeted with an uppercut from Nate that sends him back to the mat where Nate finishes the round on top. 10-9 White.

Round 3: Nate opens the round with a front kick and lands another takedown and again is on the top of Savage, with Savage pressed against the fence. Nate works to full mount and Savage looks to escape from a hip but Nate is heavy in this position. Nate postures up and starts to land heavy hammerfists that bloody up the face of Savage and garner the stop from Referee John English.

Decision: Nate White defeats Ryan Savage by TKO in the final minute of the third round.

Taylor Bartlett (1-2-1, CMBJJ) v. Randall Hathorn (Debut, Combative Martial Arts)
Amateur Featherweight

Round 1: Taylor comes out with three right hands that fold Hathorn to the canvas and Steve Rita stops the fight and saves Hathorn from any further damage.

Decision: Taylor Bartlett defeats Randall Hathorn by TKO at 8 seconds of the first round!

Ben Murtiff (1-0, First Class MMA) v. Henry Jeffs (0-1, Independant)
Amateur Light-Heavyweight

Round 1: Murtiff comes out with a sharp body kick and follows it with a thunderous takedown, Murtiff is landing some heavy ground and pound and Jeffs covers up and waits for John English to stop the madness.

Decision: Ben Murtiff defeats Henry Jeffs by TKO at 49 seconds of the first round!

Jason Landry (2-0, Team Landry) v. Mike Bezanson (2-0, Kaze)
Amateur Welterweight

Round 1: Jason runs across the cage with a front kick and these guys are standing and trading early, Mike lands a right hook to the ear of Landry and Landry collapses to the canvas and John English call the end to the fight. Jason Landry is protesting the stoppage but Landry was hurt!

Decision: Mike Bezanson defeats Jason Landry by TKO at 41 seconds of the first round! 

Dillon Henry (0-2, First Class MMA) v. Steve Desjardins (4-3, Independant)
Amateur 130 lb. Catchweight

Round 1: Dillon comes out with a flurry of right hands that connect and Desjardins goes for the takedown, Dillon looks for the guillotine before being picked up and slammed in the corner where, Henry separates his shoulder and cannot continue.

Decision: Steve Desjardins defeats Dillon Henry at 45 seconds of the first round by Submission (Injury).

Caleb “Dr. Feelgood” Austin (1-0, CMBJJ) v. Cory Richards (Debut, Acadia BJJ)
Amateur Flyweight

Round 1: Caleb fires a kick off the glove touch and lands some right hands for good measure. Richards is on skates as Caleb gets the takedown and Cory is bloody but makes it back to his feet. Caleb lands some more filthy right hands and Richards crumbles to the mat.

Decision: Caleb Austin defeats Cory Richards by TKO (Strikes) at 1:21 of round one!

Erik Tainter (0-1, Young’s MMA) v. Zac “Rocky” Richard (3-2-1, Nostos)
Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Erik comes out and closes distance and has Zac on the fence but Zac works the takedown and Erik returns to his feet and Zac takes him right back down. Erik gets back up again to knees from Richard before being taken down again and Zac works his way to the back where he lands some hammerfists before looking for the Rear naked choke but Erik turns and gets top position. Erik grabs for the armbar and Zac slams him and he is out, Zac follows with hammerfists but the fight is over.

Decision: Zac Richard defeats Erik Tainter by Knockout (Slam) at near 2 minutes of the first round. Erik is getting medical attention in the cage and it appears he has a broken orbital as well as other injuries.
Jacob Deppmeyer (1-1-1, First Class MMA) v. Devin Corson (2-1, The Outlet)
Amateur Lightweight

Round 1: Corson starts the action with a spinning wheel kick but it misses and Devin gets the takedown, Deppmeyer gets up and is slammed back to the mat by Corson who has the seatbelt. Jacob breaks and returns to striking distance but Corson shakes a combination and lands another big slam. Devin spends some time on top looking to pass guard but Jacob is staying composed from the bottom as the round ends. 10-9 Corson.

Round 2: Devin comes out looking for the takedown early but Deppmeyer stays standing and looks to set the tone with his striking as they tussle against the cage before Corson gets the high crotch slam and we are back to Corson in the guard of Deppmeyer. Devin passes to side control but Deppmeyer is quick to get back to a butterfly guard and eventually back to his feet where he is greeted with another slam by Corson who looks for an armbar. Deppmeyer gets out but is once again slammed by Corson. 10-9 Croson.

Round 3: Fighters hug in the center to start the third and Deppmeyer comes out landing some shots. Devin is sick of the stand up once again and takes Deppmeyer down and is in half guard. Deppmeyer makes his way back to his feet but Devin issues yet another slam and we are back to half guard. With ten seconds left Deppmeyer pushes to get up but Corson is just too heavy on top. 10-9 Corson.

Decision: Devin Corson defeats Jacob Deppmeyer by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

NEF Announces that Bantamweight Champion Killa Kam Aronld will defend his title against Walt Shea at NEF 41, November 9th from Aura Night Club in Portland.

Jimmy Jackson (4-3, Young’s MMA) v. ©Tom Pagliarulo (3-1, Sperro’s/ Burgess)
*Amateur Featherweight Title*

Round 1: Jackson comes out throwing front kicks as Tom works from behind his jab. Pagliarulo lands a nice right hand that gets Jimmy's attention as these guys are throwing some leather early in this title fight! The Champ lands another big right and Jackson looks to answer but Tom is not on the end of any of Jackson's strikes. Jackson goes back to the kicks but Tom lands on to the body of Jackson as the round ends. Jackson is bloodies up after a good first round by the champ. 10-9 Pagliarulo.

Jackson has a pretty bad broken nose that gets the attention of the cage side doctor who steps in and advises referee John English to stop the fight!

Decision: Tom Pagliarulo defeats Jimmy Jackson by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 5minutes of the first round.
Pagliarulo retains his NEF Amateur Featherweight Title!

Ras Hylton (4-2) v. Chris Sarro (Debut)
Pro Cruiserweight

“Rasquatch” Ras “The Jamacian Shamrock” Hylton 
Fighting out of: South Portland, Maine
Affiliation: First Class MMA/ Dragon Fire  
Record: 4-2 (4 Knockouts) 
Last fight: First round TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) of Charles Penn Jr. at NEF 38: Stormborn.  
Chris Sarro
Fighting out of: Ellsworth, Maine
Affiliation: Acadia BJJ
Record: 0-0 (7-1 as Amateur Boxer)
Last fight: This will be Sarro’s first competition MMA experience following a successful amateur boxing career.
Round 1: Hylton comes out kicking and using his drastic reach advantage as Sarro looks to find his range. Sarro catches a kick of Hylton and returns an overhand right that knocks Ras out Cold, and Hylton would have fallen in my lap if the fence had not been there! wow!

Decision: Chris Sarro defeats Ras Hylton by Knockout (Overhand Right) at 1:07 of the very first round!
Dominic Jones (2-1) v. Josh Harvey (6-0-1)
Pro 160 lb. Catchweight
Dominic “Domination” Jones
Fighting out of: Auburn, Maine
Affiliation: Independant 
Record: 2-1 (1 Knockout, 1 Submission)
Last fight: First round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Keegan Hornstra at NEF 39: All American. 
Josh “Hook On” Harvey
Fighting out of: Bangor, Maine
Affiliation: Vision Quest Muay Thai
Record: 6-0-1 (2 Knockouts, 4 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Submission (Arm Lock) of Bill Jones at NEF 37: Sub Zero.

Round 1: Harvey comes out behind a push kick and Josh slips on the canvas and Jones jumps on his back but Harvey powers out and is pushing Jones around the cage. Jones eats a knee from Harvey but gets the takedown but Josh gets right back up. Jones grabs a guillotine and Harvey slams him to the mat and lands some heavy shots as Jones looks to stand back up. Harvey has Jones on the cage and is battering him with heavy shots. Harvey takes Jones down once they hit the canvas Harvey sinks in a deep Americana for the tap.

Decision: Josh Harvey defeats Dominic Jones by Submission (Americana) at 2:31 of the first round. And there you have it NEF 40: School of the Hard Knocks is in the books from the University of Maine in Orono!