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March 3, 2020


Cage Titans has just posted their full fight card for their April 3rd Combat Night 3 that will be taking place at Pinz in Kingston Ma.  Cage Titans has ended up with so many fights that they decided to split them up into two days of combat action!  This will be their first one of two and look for the second fight card to follow shortly.  This is also great for the fans because they get a variety and get to choose which show they want to go to.  You can also just be crazy like me and go to both of them which Cage Titans would gladly welcome.  Check out the full fight card below and let us know what fights you are most looking forward to by commenting below.

145 PRO MMA Connor Matthews (2-0 Lauzon) vs. Kris Berberich (4-6 Mat-su MMA)
170 PRO MMA Julio Colon (1-1 BST MMA) vs. Trevor Gudde (1-1 Citadel)
160 PRO MMA John Adams (1-3 Wild Child MMA) vs. Jay Bakanowski (3-3 Integrated)
155 AM MMA Lorenzo Bolognini (0-0 UFC Gym) vs. Mike Bulger (2-0 Lauzon)
170 AM MMA Dan Phelps (2-2 Triforce) vs. Steve Foley (1-1 Citadel)
130 AM MMA Jeanette Pomales (3-1 Sityodtong) vs. Erin Johnson (1-0 Lauzon)
160 AM MMA Miguel Sevasin (0-2 Lakeville MMA) vs. Peter McLeod-Warrick (0-0 Citadel)


Hvy AM MMA Michael Ramos (Dragon Lair) vs Ryan Kilby (Independent)
145 AM  MMA Christos Papadelos (Sityodtong) vs Ashwath Rao (Broadway)
140 AM MMA Zach Parker (Cupcakes MMA) vs Ben King (Savery)
145 AM  MMA Guinder Valdez (Sityodtong) vs Brandon Layton (Lauzon)
155 AM MMA Devin Norton (Broadway) vs Basit Siddiqui (Lauzon)
170 AM MMA Ben Bratko (Triforce) vs Sonyup Woo (Citadel)
185 AM MMA Raphael Torres (Dragon Lair) vs Hector Abreu (Marandola)
175 AM MMA Hiram Apone (Dragon Lair) vs Chris Scott (Citadel)
155 AM MMA Joe Cadorette (True MMA) vs Mike Caron (SSSF)
Hvy AM Muay Thai Carlos Pereira (Dragon Lair) vs Jon Gruber (Punishment)
125 AM Muay Thai Cole LeBonte (Nostos) vs Jesus Morales (USMMA)