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March 3, 2020


Cage Titans have just released their full fight card for their second night of fights.  This one will also be mostly mma mixed in with some muay thai.  The best thing about this one is that the Muay Thai will be mma gloves!!  Why is that so special?  Normally, fighters have to wear big boxing type gloves which are very heavy.  With these the fighters will be able to swing much faster and in return we will see more damage and knockouts.  The full fight card is posted below and let us know which fight you are most excited about by commenting below!

145 PRO TITLE MMA Don Shainis (7-2 Citadel) vs.  Darius Estell (6-2 Michigan Top Team)
135 PRO TITLE MMA Jay Perrin (9-4 Sityodtong) vs.  Bendy Casimir (22-15 10th Planet)
125 PRO MMA Mitch Raposo  (4-0 Regiment) vs.  Mefi Monterroso (5-1 AKA)
155 PRO MMA Luys Lima (8-1 Minu Fight Team) vs. Joe Giannetti (9-2 SSSF)
170 PRO MMA Lajuan Davis (2-0 Ascension) vs. Marty Navis (4-0 Lauzon)
182 PRO MUAY THAI Shederick Goodridge (0-0 Driven MMA) vs. Sean Lally (0-0 Sityodtong)
145 PRO MMA Marcus Crawford (0-0 Ares Combat) vs. Pat Gilbride (3-0 Lauzon)


135 AM TITLE MMA Kam Arnold (Recon) vs Arthur Mpofu (SBG East Coast)
155 AM TITLE MMA Dion Rubio (Triforce) vs Mo Al Kinani (Evolution Athletix)
155 AM MUAY THAI TITLE – Jordan MacFarlane (Spyda) vs Shaun Shubert (FAF)
163 AM MUAY THAI Aaron Waite (Recon) vs Will Asia (Citadel)
180 AM MUAY THAI Ryan Dunn (Independent) vs Josh Haglof (Sityodtong)
135 AM MMA Mike Fernadez (Evolutionary) vs Andrew Valdina (Lauzon)
145 AM MMA Tyrime Dasilva (Triforce) vs Welly Sanchez (Citadel)
Hvy AM MMA Matt Tappero (Gillett’s) vs Darryl Andrews (SSSF)