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July 7, 2021

Bedtime story for Mike Polvere as told by Old School

Our great friend and one of my personal mentors, Denny “Old School” Siggins has gotten so amp’d for the upcoming return of Cage Titans at Plymouth Memorial Hall on July 10th that he thought it would be fun to add a little creative fuel to what has already become a personal best in terms of capacity and participation from the fighters for Michael Polvere. 

For the uninitiated Old School isn’t your average sports writer. In fact he’s nothing less than a wizard of imagery and what you have to know right off the bat is that he has no problem making it up as he goes along. The following is a fiction based on real people and real places so sit back with your drink or what have you and enjoy a bit of fanciful writing meant to entertain and get you ready for all the action you can handle this coming Saturday as real warriors set out for glory and all that goes with it inside the cage on Plymouth Rock.

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    In the year of our Lord 2019, a plague swept across the free world causing great numbers of death and illness.  It disrupted society, creating hardships for many.  From the minds of great thinkers, philosophers, and economists came the story…..

The Divine Warriors of Cage Titans

From Old School

Circa 2021

The Beginning

     Twenty generations ago, in the year of 1620, an incredible voyage brought many people to a great new world.  These travelers were amongst the bravest and sturdiest of stock, as they endeavored in a way that no group of people ever had.  And upon settling in a new world, they bestowed their new home with the greatest of names, Plymouth!  So strong and brave were these people that their new home of Plymouth became synonymous with strength, and so future generations would call this place Plymouth Rock!


     When the gods created this great new world, they built an island peninsula that would serve as a place of relaxation and rest for the people of the region, and the gods named this wonderful place CapeCodius.  CapeCodius would become a favorite destination for many generations of citizens.  But to enter the place known as CapeCodius, the people needed to pass directly through the village of Plymouth.  The Gods had bestowed upon the warriors of Plymouth a great responsibility as the gatekeepers of CapeCodius, to protect the people and keep the peace.

The Greatest Warriors

     This village known as Plymouth Rock would spawn the growth of the greatest nation that the world had ever know.  This great nation would soon produce warriors that would win many wars; wars for independence, Great Wars, and World Wars.  

     But there was one generation that would become known as The Greatest Generation, a group of warriors so powerful that they won many battles and many wars.  These warriors would go on to defeat warriors from every culture in an event know as World War II.  After defeating all armies of the world, these warriors of The Greatest Generation came home to Plymouth and its villages to build a nation and teach their ways to future generations.

Circa 2000

     Over time, the descendants of The Greatest Generation forgot the lessons of their predecessors.  They grew soft as they became dependent on modern conveniences.  Sadly, they became entitled, sloth-like, and weak.

     Ares (God of war), Thor (God of thunder and lightning), and Poseidon (God of the seas) saw this turmoil and they combined their resources for a solution.  They took the energy of the tides and the power of the clouds and they created the great God of Warriors, and they called him Mikus Polverious.  In Mikus Polverious, the great Gods created a warrior’s warrior, a man/God who would bring together the greatest of the Plymouth warriors.  He would mentor these young warriors so that future generations of robust men would thrive.

     Mikus Polverious had been a warrior himself in his youth, and legend says that he remained undefeated in battle.   Polverious came to know many warriors from near and afar, and these warriors came to polverious for guidance.  So Mikus Polverious built a cage, a warriors platform, where young men could test their strength, heart, and skills against other young men.  And he built this warriors cage in the center of the village of Plymouth Rock.  

     As word of this great cage and this great mentor of men traveled over the land to other villages, many great and well know warriors brought their teams of young disciples to battle in this cage and test their hearts and their skills.  Great and well accomplished warrior leaders, like Marcus Delegratius, William Mahonius, and Josephus Lauzonistes were amongst the proven mentors who brought their teams of young warriors to test themselves in Plymouth, under the watchful eye of Mikus Polverious.

     Even the greatest of warriors needs a well-balanced life.  Polverious had a void in his life…

     While the women of Plymouth were known for their beauty and grace, there was one woman whose beauty was known above all others and was known throughout Plymouth and beyond.  This young woman was known as Shellious Waitrious.  Shellious was so smitten with Mikus Polverious that she contacted a local magician, a man known simply as Cupcakus, to cast a spell over Polverious.  The magician did just that and it was not too long before Mikus Polverious and Shellious fell deeply in love.  They wed and were soon blessed with a large gaggle of future warriors…

The great plague

     As is common with great men and Gods, Satan became aware of all things in Plymouth and other lands.  Satan saw that the human existence was thriving.  He saw great economic breakthroughs, medical advances, and a great culture of young warriors.  For these reasons, and many other reasons as well, Satan felt the need to intervene.  So Satan himself took the human form of a sorcerer and called himself Covid Pandemius.  And with the heart of Satan and the knowledge of the sorcerer, Covid Pandemius cast a great spell across the lands of Plymouth and beyond as he covered the entire world with his evil spell.

     While the spell preyed upon the weak, the elderly, and the sickly, many other segments of this anciently modern society become impacted by the Covid Pandemius spell.  The economic and social impacts of the Covid Pandemius spell reached beyond Plymouth.  Storekeepers were not able to stock their shelves.  When food and dry goods did become available in small quantities, people were hoarding large amounts, leaving some with none!  Mainstream media outlets began taking sides, creating rifts in society.  People were afraid for their lives, the lives of their children, and grandchildren.  Satan smiled!


     Warriors served many purposes in ancient societies, and battling Satan appears at the top of this list.  There were many great contemporary warriors who began their forays into the caged combat world under the tutelage of Mikus Polverious.  And some of them had since Journeyed to other lands as their reputations grew.  So Mikus Polverious had many proven warriors to call for support if the battlefield required the skills of elite-level warriors.  Great and proven cage warriors like Robfontius and Randycostus had honed their skills in the cages of Plymouth.  Nikolaus Notorious, the great God of Underdog Warriors, had spent time with Polverious in his youth, when other mentors did not believe in young Nikolaus.  


      Mikus Polverious will open his Plymouth cage for the first time in more than a year.  With Covid Pandemius solidly defeated and society returning to normal, the people will gather in great numbers.  Polverious, once again, has become the foundation of Plymouth Rock.  

     On July 10 in the year of our lord 2021, Polverious will reopen the cages of Plymouth Rock.  He named this event “48”, a favorite number of guardian angels throughout history.  Young warriors will test their skills.  Some are local and some will travel from lands beyond the horizons.  These warriors hope to someday represent their people on a grand scale……