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September 14, 2021

Table Titans: Sept 13th 2021 recap

Table Titans Recap’d

As told by Producer Joe 

    Heading out to Quincy is always exciting and if you travel East via the MA Turnpike during the evening commute it can be a hair raising experience as well. Over the course of my 128mile / 2hr trek I passed no fewer than 3 Westbound accidents which all had the effect of turning I-90 into miles long parking lots beginning around the Worcester area and extending well past the I-495 exchanges. One wreck I passed was only the charred remains of what might have been a Subaru Outback. The emergency crews merely spectating. Two troopers could be seen peering over the jersey barrier down a steep embankment. Not sure if they were looking for anything in particular or if they were just taking a moment away from what surely was a stressful scenario. For me though I was thankful that I could breeze by unfazed and unimpeded. These are regular sights for anyone who travels these vast stretches of roadway with regular frequency. I am one such person.
    Coop’s Bar and Grille deep in the heart Quincy is a Michael Polvere owned and operated eatery that boasts some of the city’s best pizza, fresh draft beers, and a compliment of meal options that will satisfy any appetite. So if you’re in the area on a Table Titans Episode Night swing in, grab something to eat / drink, and join the live audience for some fun.

We Got A Meme Game ;)

The Breakdown

    Cage Titans Combat Night has been postponed due to Covid. Michael believes he may have contracted the virus a second time, but without a positive test there may have been some other factors at play that had him feeling under the weather the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately though some of his close family members weren’t as fortunate as to only have been dealing with fatigue on the daily and are in fact fighting the virus in quarantine. Stress no matter where it comes from will sap one’s energy to the point of illness and I can tell you The Polvere family has been under the strain far more than most people can appreciate as business owners, parents, siblings, and community members. We wish them and the entire Cage Titans Crew a speedy and full recovery sooner than later.
    Next up Andy and Michael dove into some of the matchups being moved from the much anticipated Sept 25th Combat Night event onto the card of the promotion’s milestone 50th show. If you thought any of the events up to now were over the top or extravagant you’re in for a real eye opener. The names and potential matches are probably going to rate as the best in New England in terms of experience and risk vs reward. Of the current confirmed matches we can look forward to these three for now with more announcements next week and for the next month I assume.

    The stream goes out over Facebook weekly for the most part. Mondays and sometimes an occasional Tuesday. Be sure to check it out and chat it up with us live. We love to interact with the fighters and the fans. Joe Joe “Skeletor” Giannetti, Connor “The Controller” Matthews, Rob “Cornflakes” Fuller, Lionel “Boogz” Young, and Super Fans like Rob Picco make for some interesting comments.

Thanks for visiting as always we are excited to bring you breaking news, promotional insights, fight videos, fight card breakdowns, and everything in between.