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February 25, 2022


We made it fight folks!  Today is the day that Cage Titans is back on this snowy evening.  This will be their 3rd Combat Night event to date and it is happening at Plymouth Memorial Hall.  With a few switch ups Cage Titans has kept their 17 fight card intact.  Also on the night not included in that count is the Quartet Grappling Competition which should be real fun to watch.  The first match will be starting at 7pm.  Can't make it?  Don't worry Cage Titans has a live stream right here for $25.  This event is a hybrid event with grappling, muay thai and mixed martial arts mixed through it all.  The national anthem has been sung and the fights are about to begin. Please follow along as I recap the mma action of the night.

162 No-GI Superfight Tyler Gauthier (Renzo Gracie NH) vs Aaron Hughes (Regiment)

Aaron Hughes makes quick work and pulls guard with a tight guillotine.  He rolls his opponent and ends up with the guillotine from the top and gets the tap.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans Grappling Result--πŸ‘Š  Aaron Hughes defeats Tyler Gauthier via guillotine at 41 seconds.

Hvy No-Gi Superfight Levi Guimaraes (BTT Boston) vs Tyler King (UFC Gym)

Levi gets the takedown and has the side.  He is trying to push Tyler to the mat to pass.  Tyler is doing a good job and not letting him pass.  He briefly passes to mount with a few minutes left and gets pushed back.  Live tries for a knee bar as the round ends.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans Grappling Result--πŸ‘ŠLevi Guimaraes/Tyler King Resulted in a Draw.

130 AM MMA Omar Guerrero (0-0, Citadel) vs Neil Mazumdar (0-1, Sityodtong)

Rd 1:  They come out guns blazing and swinging for the fences!  After a minute they slow it down.  Omar presses Neil up against the cage and Neil trips him for the takedown.  Omar kicks him off and Neil dives back into guard from standing.  

Mazumdar 10-9

Rd 2:  Omar comes out with a combo that connects.  Neil is doing a good job at countering back.  Neil gets the takedown and is in guard.  They work their way up and are swinging away as the round ends.

Mazumdar 10-9

Rd 3:  Right where we left with the boys working their strikes.  Both connect with hooks!  Neil tries to pull Omar down and Omar ends up on top.  They scramble and Neil ends up on top.  Omar tries for an armbar but he can't get it.  Neil with a nice body shot.  

Mazumdar 10-9

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š  Neil Mazumdar defeats Omar Guerrero via unanimous decision.

160 AM Muay Thai Steve Gaudet (0-0, FightZone) vs Julian Connerton (0-0, Evolution Athletix)

Rd 1:   Julian connects with a right that sends Steve to the mat and the ref has seen enough as he gets to the 8 count.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans Muay Thai Result--πŸ‘Š  Julian Connerton defeats Steve Gaudet via ko at 30 seconds in Round 1.

155 AM MMA – Alvin McLorrain (0-1, GoUSFC) vs Danny Johnston (0-0, SSSF)

Rd 1:  Danny rushes in and scoops him up for the takedown.  Danny hooks the legs and takes the back.  He softens him up with some punches and he gets the ref stoppage.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š  Danny Johnston defeats Alvin McLorrain via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:17 in Round 1.

155 GI Superfight Bruno Dias (Juniko) vs Johnny Campbell (SSSF)

Johnny rolls on the mat but Bruno doesn't take the bait.  Bruno jumps into an armbar and Johnny is forced to tap.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans Grappling Result--πŸ‘Š  Bruno Dias defeats Johnny Campbell via flying armbar at 1:11 in Round 1.

Hvy AM MMA Hassan Graham (1-0, G & G) vs Erick Rondan (1-0, UFC Gym)

Rd 1:  Erick with two heavy leg kicks.  Erick with another leg kick.  Hassan fires back with a combo that drops Erick.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š  Hassan Graham defeats Erick Rondan via ko at 32 seconds in Round 1.

135 AM Muay Thai Tyler Smythe (0-0, Evolution Athletix) vs Avery Andrews (1-0, USMMA)

Rd 1:  Tyler backs Avery up to the cage and gets in some good combos.  Avery comes back with some huge knees from the clinch.  He does another set of knees as the round ends.

Smythe 10-8 due to standing 8 count

Rd 2:  Tyler rushes in and Avery steps out of it.  Avery is working more knees and leg kicks.  Avery gets in another combo.  Avery is working the body and Tyler fires back with a solid left hook!  

Andrews 10-9

Rd 3:  Tyler catches the leg and fires a right.  Avery gets in a few knees to the body and Tyler counters with an uppercut and a right.  Avery gets in a knee to the body and Tyler gets in a right as the round ends.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans Muay Thai Result--πŸ‘Š  Avery Andrews and Tyler Smythe resulted in a draw.  

170 AM MMA Steve Foley (1-2, Citadel) vs Sergei Peresunko (0-0, Loco Lobo)

Rd 1:  Sergei with a nice overhand right to start us off.  Steve gets the takedown and Sergei is punching from the bottom.  Steve gets kicked off and they are back to their feet.  Steve is now pushing Sergei up against the cage.  Steve gets a takedown as the round ends.

Foley 10-9

Rd 2:  Steve rushes in and Sergei reverses.  Steve goes for a takedown and Sergei stuffs it.  He pushes Steve down to the mat and gets a dagestani handcuff and keeps hammering him with punches until he gets the stoppage.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š  Sergei Peresunko defeats Steve Foley by tko to strikes at 1:51 in Round 2.  Sergei improves to 2-0!

185 No-Gi Superfight Casey LaMonte (Juniko) vs Leon Davis (TriForce)

Leon spins Casey around the mat and within a minute they are back to their feet.  Casey drags Leon to the mat and they scramble back up.   They get to the mat again and Leon looks to be trying a d'arce but can't get it.  Casey gets the sweep and they are back to their feet.  Great back and forth battle.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans Grappling Result--πŸ‘Š  Casey Lamonte / Leon Davis resulted in a Draw.

140 AM Muay Thai Shadi Zachary (1-0, FightZone) vs Michael McDevitt (0-0, Sityodtong)

Rd 1:  McDevitt is staying busy with the striking.  

McDevitt 10-9

Rd 2:  McDevitt rushes in with some strikes.  Shadi gets in a big leg kick and the crowd roars.  Both fighters strike it out the rest of the round.

McDevitt 10-9

Rd 3:  McDevitt is pushing the pace and working the body.  Shadi gets in a head kick and McDevitt keeps putting pressure.  

McDevitt 10-9

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans Muay Thai Result--πŸ‘Š  Michael McDevitt defeats Shadi Zachary via split decision.

160 AM MMA – Mohammed Islam (0-0, GoUSFC) vs Brendan Boates (0-0, SSSF)

Rd 1:  Brendan gets the takedown.  He pops his head free and drops heavy bombs!  He gets the stoppage.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š  Brendan Boates defeats Mohammed Islam via tko to strikes at 1:06 in Round 1.

Quartet Grappling Competition – Team BTT Taunton vs Team TriForce 

1st Match Chris Scott Vs. Kyle Pavao resulted in a Draw.  Now we go onto the 2nd seeds.

2nd Match John Douma vs. Gabriel Costa--Costa wins knee bar and Douma looks injured as his team helps him out of the cage.

3rd Match. Gabriel Costa vs. Nate Andrews--Costa wins ankle lock submission

4th Match Gabriel Costa vs. Alan Monteith --

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans Quartet Grappling Result--πŸ‘Š  BTT Taunton wins!  Gabriel Costa was a beast submitting 2 of Team Triforce's opponents. 

185 AM TITLE MMA Jideofor Ojukwu (3-1 Citadel) vs. Lorenzo Fitzgerald (3-1 FAF GYM)

Rd 1:  Jideo catches the leg and gets the takedown.  Lorenzo works his way up but Jideofor takes him right back to the mat.  Jideo gets full mount and is getting in some hammerfists.  He gets pushes back to half guard and then moves back to full mount.  He gets in a few more hammerfists before the round ends.

Ojukwu 10-9

Rd 2:  They start us out with some leg kicks.  Jideo gets the takedown briefly as Lorenzo stands back up.  They are clinching in the center of the cage.  Lorenzo gets two takedowns as the round ends.

Fitzgerald 10-9

Rd 3:  Lorenzo is working the jab.  Jideo tries for a takedown but Lorenzo sprawls.  They are clinching in the center of the cage.  Jideo gets in a left punch.   Jideo gets a takedown right as the round ends.

Ojukwu 10-9

Rd 4:  Both fighters are working their jabs.  Jideo tries for a takedown but he is stuffed.  They both strike it out until the round ends.

Real close round, Ojukwu 10-9

Rd 5:  Lorenzo goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  Nice combo from Jideo.  Rest of the round continues on their feet.

Ojukwu 10-9

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š Jideofor Ojukwu defeats Lorenzo Fitzgerald via majority decision.  Ojukwu becomes the new Cage Titans 185 amateur champ!  

PRO MMA 205 Daniel Mola (0-0 UFC Gym) vs. Alex Davidson (1-1 Nostos)

Rd 1: Daniel gets the takedown by trip and moves to full mount.  He gets in a few punches and then takes the back.  He has the body lock and is trying for the rear naked choke.  He puts him to sleep.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š  Daniel Mola defeats Alex Davidson via technical submission to rear naked choke at 1:47 in Round 1.

PRO 155 MMA Leo Ladeira (0-3 Sityodtong) vs. Jay Ellis (16-102 Schaffer MMA)

Rd 1:  Jay rushes in for the takedown.  Leo has the guillotine but Jay fights through it.  Jay has the side and drops an elbow.  Jay passes to full mount and is looking for some ground and pound.  Leo gets the sweep and is punching away looking for the finish.  He gets it.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š Leo Ladeira defeats Jay Ellis via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:52 in Round 1.

PRO MMA 155 Rob Ovalle (0-0 Lauzon) vs. Jay Bakanowski (3-3 Gorilla Martial Arts)

Rd 1:  Jay gets the single leg takedown.  He has the side and then half guard.  Rob works his way up and Jay picks him up and slams him back to the mat.  Rob hooks the leg and they scramble.  Jay has the back and he gets the takedown again.  Rob tries for an armbar but can't get it.  He gets in some elbows from the top before the round ends.

Bakanowski 10-9

Rd 2:  Rob is coming forward with some strikes.  Jay connects with a right that stuns Rob.  Rob is trying for the double leg takedown and he gets it.  He is getting in some ground and pound.  Jay is bleeding from somewhere on his face.  Jay tries for a heel hook and he ends up on top after Rob spins out of it.  Jay is trying for a takedown  as the round ends.

Ovalle 10-9

Rd 3:  Jay connects with a left hook that drops Rob.  He finishes him off with some ground and pound for the ref stoppage.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š Jay Bakanowski defeats Rob Ovalle via tko to strikes at 16 seconds in Round 3. 

PRO MMA 165 Stephen Stengel (Independent 4-16) vs. Zach DiSabatino (8-2 SSSF)

Rd 1:  Zach gets the quick takedown.  He works a d'arce and gets the tap.

πŸ‘ŠCage Titans MMA Result--πŸ‘Š Zach DiSabatino defeats Stephen Stengel via tapout to d'arce choke at 1:14 in Round 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Ojukwu/Fitzgerald war!
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Hassan Graham
SUB OF THE NIGHT: DiSabatino d'arce