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July 25, 2015


We arrived at the venue and saw the line out the door which is always awesome to see.  We quickly found our seats and saw the sponsors and Prime Athletics lined up against the walls.  There are a total of 10 fights on the night and 3 of them are professional ones.  For those who haven't heard the main event is no longer happening.  The week of Pedro Gonzalez stepped in to fight Chris Foster after Vovka Clay dropped out due to injury and one way or another it isn't happening.  John Vena is the host for the evening and there are 3 beautiful ring girls also in attendance.  The judges are Steve Rita, David Ginsberg and Douglas Crosby and the refs are Gary Ebelin and Chris Burke.  Lindsay Labelle opened up the show with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem.  Follow along as we recap the night.

165 AM Greg Perry (0-0 Strike Zone MMA) vs. Joe Leonard (2-4 Team Ravenous)

Greg rushes in and they clinch.  Joe uses the underhooks and reverses out of it.  Greg gets in a jab and looks for the takedown.  He gets the takedown with a slam and is working the side.  Joe is working his way up and Greg pushes him back to the mat.  Greg sees an opening and gets in some ground and pound for the stoppage.

Greg Perry defeats Joe Leonard via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:58 in Rd 1.

125 AM Richard Santiago (1-4 Rivera Athletic Center) vs. Matt Allen (1-0 Ultimate MMA)

Rich misses with a high kick.  They clinch and Richard is overwhelming him with punches in bunches.  Richard takes him down and passes to full mount.  He gets pushed back and is now working the side.  Matt pushes him back to guard and Richard gets in a few hammerfists.  Richard gets in a few more punches before the round ends.

Santiago 10-9

Rd 2:  Richard backs Matt up against the cage.  He is trying to overwhelm him with punches and Allen gets in a punch.  Matt reverses and gets the takedown and Richard reverses it.  He moves to the crucifix position looking for the finish.  He gives up his back and Richard is looking for the rear naked choke.  He slips out the back door and Richard is now on top in guard.

Santiago 10-9

Rd 3:  They are swinging away. Richard is connecting with a few and so is Allen.  Matt looks for the guillotine and pulls guard.  Richard slips out and then moves to the side and then to full mount.  He gets in some hammerfists before Matt bucks him off.  They are to their feet swinging away as the round ends.

Santiago 10-9

Richard Santiago defeats Matt Allen via unanimous decision.

200 AM Nick Rankin (0-0 Strike Zone MMA) vs. Chaz Gray (0-0 Young's MMA)

Nick gets in a kick to the body.  They are clinching up against the cage and reversing.  They move to the center and Nick gets the takedown.  He looks for the armbar and Chaz steps over and pulls his arm free.  Nick moves to full mount.  He takes the back and is looking for the rear naked choke.  Nick gets in a few more punches to the side of the head as the round ends.

Rankin 10-9

Rd 2:  Chaz connects with a kick to the body.  Nick gets the takedown and Chaz stands back up.  Nick slams him back to the mat and now is working side control.  He takes the back and is looking for rear naked.  He can't get it and then gets in a few punches from the mount.  Nick is looking again for rear naked choke and once again can't get the finish.  Nick gets in a few punches before the round ends.

Rankin 10-9

Rd 3:  Chaz connects with an uppercut.  Nick closes the gap and presses Chaz up against the cage.  Chaz connects with another uppercut.  Nick dives low and gets the double leg takedown.  Nick is controlling the round on top in half guard.

Rankin 10-9

Nick Rankin defeats Chaz Gray via unanimous decision.

170 AM Dan Bardellini (1-2 Rivera Athletic Center) vs. Anthony Lauria (Ultimate MMA)

Dan looks for the takedown and gets it and ends up in the half guard.  He gets in a punch and is looking to pass to full mount.  He can't get it and is now in guard.  Anthony from the bottom is working a kimura and gets the tap.

Anthony Lauria defeats Dan Bardellini via tapout to kimura at 2:48 in Rd 1.

135 AM Steve Karr (0-4 Gracie Farmington Valley) vs. Carl Langston Jr. (5-8 Young's MMA)

Carl starts us off with a kick to the body.  Carl misses with a high kick.  Karr gets in an inside leg kick.  Carl lunges forward and connects with a quick combo.  Carl connects with a head kick followed up by a punch to the body.  Carl connects with a kick to the body as the round ends.

Langston 10-9

Rd 2:  Carl misses with a head kick.  Steve gets in an inside leg kick.  Carl connects with a kick to the body.  Steve rushes in for a takedown but Carl sprawls nicely.  Steve is looking for the takedown and gets reversed.  Carl gets in 2 knees to the body as the round ends.

Langston 10-9

Rd 3:  Carl connects with a head kick.  Steve dives for a takedown but can't get close enough.  Steve rushes in and presses Carl up against the cage.  Carl reverses and gets in a knee to the body.  Steve looks for the takedown again and gets it.  Carl has a guillotine choke and Steve survives the round.

Karr 10-9

Carl Langston defeats Steve Carr via unanimous decision.

145 AM Randy Francis (0-0 Strike Zone MMA) vs. Tyler Cronk (0-1 Renzo Gracie)

They clinch and Tyler gets the takedown via  a trip.  Randy is working his way back up and Tyler is looking for the single leg again.  Tyler gets in some knees to the body.  He works a double leg takedown and is in half guard.  Randy gets the sweep and is on top in half as the round ends.

Cronk 10-9

Rd 2:  Tyler gets in a kick to the body and is pressing Randy up against the cage.  Tyler is looking for the double leg  and ends up stepping over his legs and moving right to full mount.  He is in full mount at the shoulders and laying down ground and pound.

Cronk 10-9

Rd 3:  Tyler connects with a right hand.  Randy gets the takedown and Tyler locks up a triangle.  He switches it to an armbar and gets the tap.

Tyler Cronk defeats Randy Francis via tapout to armbar at 1:17 in Rd 3.

170 AM Matt Alger (0-0 Rivera Athletic Center) vs. Marty Thompson (0-0 Fighting Arts Academy)

Marty connects with a leg kick and punch to the body combo.  Marty is pressing Matt up against the cage and getting in some good knees to the leg and to the body.  Matt misses with a jumped guard and Marty makes his pay with some hammerfists.

Thompson 10-9

Rd 2:  Marty connects with a killer right that drops Matt to the mat.  He finishes him off with some ground and pound for the stoppage.

Marty Thompson defeats Matt Alger via ref stoppage to strikes at 11 seconds in Rd 2.

125 PRO David Baxter (USMMA 0-0) vs. Shane DeCristoforo (1-1 Team United Muay Lao)

Baxter gets the takedown but can't keep Shane down.  Shane pushes David down and now has the side.  David works a triangle and gets the tap.

David Baxter defeats Shane DeCristoforo  via tapout to triangle at 2:18 in Rd 1.

155 PRO Keenan Raymond (2-1 Rivera Athletic Center / NE MMA) vs. Sam Watford (0-0 Renzo Gracie)

This fight is off due to fighter sprained their ankle in the back warming up.  It sucks but this happens in this sport unfortunately.  Doctor went in the back and confirmed it.

Derek Rodriguez (0-0 Team Link BJJ) vs. Allen Edgecomb (0-0 Bushido Academy/Metal Dog Muay Thai)

Derek starts us off with a kick to the body.  Derek closes the gap and clinches.  He gets in a knee that looked illegal cause Allen's knees were down but it was close.  He moves to full mount and is looking for the finish.  Allen is holding on and trying to get some space.  He bucks Derek off and he moves right back to full mount.  He is getting in some more ground and pound looking for the stoppage.

Derek Rodriguez defeats Allen Edgecomb via ref stoppage to strikes at 4:18 in Rd 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Carl Langston vs. Steve Karr fight, I was on the edge of my seat all fight.
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Anthony Lauria kimura from the bottom. Pure strength
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:   Marty Thompson with the nasty right hand and finishing the ko with the tko stoppage.

I enjoyed the Warrior Nation event a lot.  The production was great and Jesse Camp has a lot of fun with it.  There are cool strobe lights around the venue and the fighters walk down a curtained off fence.  The sound in the room was crisp and clear coming from DJ Adapt.  I agreed with the judging on the night and the refs did a solid job.  Many people were complaining about the Edgecomb/Rodriguez fight being let on for too long and I can see that.  I can also see it from the ref's perspective as they were both professional fighters and it was a main event.  Pattee Mak was the photographer for WNXFA for the night and the two video commentators for the fights were Matt Bessette and Jeff Haddad.  I can't wait to watch those when they are released to WNXFA's youtube page.  Congrats to all the fighters who stepped into the cage as they all did an awesome job and left it all in the cage.  Until next time fight fans, stay right here as we always get you closer to the cage.